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Bulk Mail

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Coppin State University Mail and Print Services utilizes VSP, contract vendor, to prepare all of the university’s standard (bulk) mail requirements. Standard (Bulk) Mail is an attractive option for mailings, which are not time sensitive. Delivery time can range from 3-4 weeks, depending on the distance and level of presorting. To ensure the bulk mail is process and deliver in an expeditious and timely manner the following procedures must be adhered to:

Information You Need to Know About Bulk Mail:

The United States Postal Services has very rigid requirements concerning the preparation and packaging of standard (bulk) mail and will reject any items that do not strictly comply with regulations.

A minimum volume of 200 pieces or 50 pounds is required to qualify for standard (bulk) mail.

Standard (bulk) mail must not have addressee name or social security number on any enclosed correspondence. (Example how to address correspondence: Dear Student; Dear Alumnus).

All standard (bulk) mailings are to be sent THIRD CLASS. Please allow your mailings to be process (3-4) weeks advance before the date of the event.

The department must be indicated in upper left hand corner of the envelope. Third class permit must be either rubbed stamped in ink or imprinted on each piece of mail. The stamp may not be typewritten or hand drawn and must be a color that contracts sufficiently with paper in the upper right corner of the address sides of each piece.

VSP will process your standard (bulk) mail within 72 hours.

Departments requesting to use VSP to duplicate copies, [process first class mailings or any other services other than the processing of standard (bulk) mailings must generate a purchase order to cover the charges.

Procedures for Preparing Standard (Bulk) Mail:

Standard (bulk) Mail Request Form must be completed and e-mail two (2) weeks prior to the delivery of the mail to the Mail Center. The form is located on the k drive in the campus-wide file folder.

Envelopes must be provided with your mailing. Labels must be attached with your mailing or sent electronically. User must contact the Help Desk one (1) week prior to notifying the Mail Center to receive labels. If sending electronically, user would e-mail the spreadsheet to VSP. When possible, attach a sample of your mailing.

The drop off days for standard (bulk) mailings will be Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:00 pm and will be picked up the next business day.

It is the responsibility of departments and organizations to be certain that their publications meet the standards in accordance with the United States Postal Services regulations. Please contact the Mail on x3750 prior to beginning any mailing project, all mailings sent directly to VSP and if you need assistance.

Thank you for your participation, if you have any questions or comments please call or e-mail me.