Is a record of the student infraction released to other entities?
Yes, periodically the Federal Bureau of Investigation will conduct background checks for students applying for federal and private industry jobs. Depending on the violation, employment could be hindered as a result of the severity of the infraction. A record of the infraction is kept for up to 5 years.

Does every student infraction involve a formal hearing?
No. Should a student admit guilt during the initial interview the violation is adjudicated by the Judicial Affairs Advisor.

What are the particulars in filing a grievance?
Students, Faculty or staff member may file a grievance. A grievance must be brought to the attention of the Judicial Affairs Advisor within twenty (20) calendar days of the alleged misconduct or within twenty (20) calendar days of the student having reasonable knowledge of the alleged misconduct.

What does the Appeals process involve?
This process offers the accused student or complainant the opportunity to appeal a decision reached by the Judicial Body or sanction imposed by the Judicial Advisor. The appeal must be submitted in writing to the Judicial Affairs Advisor, within five days of the decision. It is then reviewed by the Appeal Board which operates as a separate entity from the Judicial Board. This allows for an unbiased second review of the case as a whole.

After the appeal has been filed, how long does it take to receive a response from the Judicial Affairs Office?
A response in writing should occur within five days of receipt of the grievance. Subsequently, a conference is held with the persons involved in the alleged incident.