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Student Accomplishments

Student Accomplishments

2021 Honors Program Graduates

On April 23, 2021, the Honors Program recognized the accomplishments of its graduating seniors at its annual End-of-Year Recognition Ceremony. This year’s virtual program recognized the 2021 graduates for their strong academic performance and commitment to scholarship and professional development.

Each senior received the Honors medal of achievement to be worn at Commencement. From this group, three seniors--Ashanti Davis, Bhuwanashwar Dyal, and Jason Hamm-Bey--received the university’s coveted Distinguished Eagle Award for having earned the highest grade point average in each of their majors.

The Honors Program congratulates the following graduating seniors:

Iyana ArringtonIyana Arrington (Criminal Justice—Golden Eagle Scholar) successfully completed the University of Baltimore School of Law Fannie Angelos Scholars Program and faced the difficult task of deciding which law school to attend. Ms. Arrington has been accepted to both the University of Baltimore School of Law and St. John’s University School of Law with full funding. Ms. Arrington has also been accepted to Howard University. She has decided to continue her studies at the University of Baltimore School of Law, as she would like to be near the District of Columbia to pursue a federal court clerkship. Ultimately, she hopes to serve as a federal prosecutor.

Nia BoweNia Bowe (Biology—Eagle Scholar) will earn a certificate in Applied Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at Coppin State University while she continues her work as a veterinary assistant. Ms. Bowe plans to earn her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, and she will be applying to Virginia Tech/Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine and Colorado State Western University of Health Sciences for fall 2022 matriculation.

Ashanti DavisAshanti Davis (Criminal Justice—Honors Associate Scholar) will be working towards her master’s in Forensic Investigation at Stevenson University with scholarship support. Ms. Davis plans to explore different elements of criminal justice and forensics, particularly fraud analysis.

Bhuwanashwar DyalBhuwanashwar Dyal (Biology—Upper-Division Scholar) will attend Palmer University West Campus in San Jose, California where he will be working towards his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. He plans to specialize in sports injuries and injury rehabilitation. Mr. Dyal’s goal is to open his own chiropractic clinic.

Jason Hamm-BeyJason Hamm-Bey (Social Work— Upper-Division Scholar) will be working towards his Master of Social Work at Catholic University of America School of Social Work in Washington, DC with generous scholarship support. Mr. Hamm-Bey was also accepted to Morgan State University School of Social Work.

Kelvin KamauKelvin Kamau (Nursing— Upper-Division Scholar) will be working as a nurse while gaining the requisite nursing experience to apply for admission to Doctor of Nursing Practice programs.

Jazzleen McRaeJazzleen McRae (Accounting— Fanny Jackson Coppin Scholar) will be joining the Accounting and Finance Development Program at Walmart Corporate. The Program rotates recent graduates throughout its departments to position them for various roles within the organization.

Oluwatobi OlutimehinOluwatobi Olutimehin (Computer Science—Golden Eagle Scholar) has accepted a position with Nextdoor in San Francisco, California as a software engineer. This position follows an exciting virtual internship opportunity with Coinbase where he served as a software engineering intern.

Dominic RussellDominic Russell (Mathematics—Eagle Scholar) has applied to mathematics education programs at Towson University, Bowie State University, and University of Colorado. Ultimately, he has a goal of completing a Ph.D. in mathematics and working in higher education administration.

Lionel WilliamsLionel Williams (Criminal Justice—Eagle Scholar) is considering graduate programs in Criminal Justice at Coppin State University and University of Baltimore.


The Honors Program shares these success stories, acknowledging that they have only been possible with the support and dedication of Coppin faculty and staff.

Past Graduates

2020 Honors Program Graduates

This year’s Honors End-of-Year Recognition Program took a very different form. Not to be deterred by remote campus operations in response to the covid-19 crisis, the Honors Program held a virtual ceremony to spotlight the achievements of its seniors.  In addition to strong academic performance, these 2020 graduates are recognized for a commitment to their own growth as scholars and professionals as is evidenced by their most recent graduate school acceptances and employment offers.

Sharon Adekoya (Applied Psychology—Upper-Division Scholar) will be working with FoodCorps to ensure children access to healthy, sustainable foods in our nation’s school districts. Ms. Adekoya has also received partial funding to pursue a M.S. in Clinical Psychology at Towson University.

Cole GerulaCole Gerula (Sports Management—Upper-Division Scholar) will continue his college baseball career as a graduate student at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania.   He will complete the requirements for a master’s in Business Administration.

Nathaniel McCleanNathaniel McClean (Chemistry—Golden Eagle Scholar) found himself in the difficult—but enviable—position of choosing between two generous graduate school offers: The Ohio State University (Ph.D. in Chemistry with full funding) and University of Maryland Baltimore (Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science with full funding). Mr. McClean chose to remain in the area to attend University of Maryland Baltimore, where he will be working as a research assistant.

Oluwadamilola Oloyede (Accounting—Upper-Division Scholar) has turned her two-year internship with the Department of Defense into her dream job. As an Accountant with the federal government, she will also receive funding to continue her studies on the graduate level.

Allen SaarAllen Saar (Biology—Golden Eagle Scholar) will complete the MCAT in June and is already preparing his applications for medical school. Mr. Saar will consider a career in osteopathic medicine or pediatrics.

Asia StennisAsia Stennis (Nursing—Golden Eagle Scholar) is excited about her new position as a Graduate Nurse at Barnes Jewish Hospital, a Level I Trauma Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Ms. Stennis is interested in continuing her studies at the Barnes Jewish Goldfarb School of Nursing to become a Nurse Practitioner with a focus on acute care. She plans to eventually earn her M.S. in Nursing.

Oluchukwu Usoh (Biology—Eagle Scholar) will be attending graduate school at Towson University. She will pursue an M.S. degree in Molecular and Cell Biology, and she has received funding assistance in the form of a teaching assistantship. Ms. Usoh’s ultimate goal is to earn a Ph.D. in Biology.


The Honors Program shares these success stories, acknowledging that they have only been possible with the support and dedication of Coppin faculty and staff. Thank you and congratulations to all!

2019 Honors Program Graduates

The Honors Program is proud to share the accomplishments of its 2019 graduating seniors. In addition to strong academic performance, these Honors students have engaged in activities ranging from community service to graduate school admission preparation and career development. Their commitment to their own growth as scholars and professionals is evidenced by their most recent graduate school acceptances and employment offers.

Keenan Forbes (Management) is honing his entrepreneurial skills as he develops his own clothing brand and line. He plans to further develop those skills through pursuit of an MBA/MA in Design Leadership at The Johns Hopkins University.

Lunnise Gibson (Accounting) began the journey of becoming a CPA first as an intern with financial services and accounting firm Ernst & Young, and then with Deloitte, where she is currently an audit intern. Ms. Gibson expects her internship to become a permanent, full-time position. Meanwhile, Deloitte has offered to fund the cost of her CPA exam upon successful completion.

Brothers Chima and Obinna Iwuji (Biology and Life Sciences) have a shared vision of becoming physicians. Both have been immersed in research since their freshman year. And now, while awaiting news of medical school acceptances, they plan to continue their research in biology.

Jorge Rodriguez (Management) has successfully balanced the requirements of the tennis team with those of his academic program and the Honors Program. He plans to complete an online MBA program while working in his position as Director of International Expansion, Tennis Central.

Precious Udofe (Biology and Life Sciences) will begin a M.S. program in Molecular and Cell Biology at Towson University where she has been offered a teaching assistantship. Upon completion of her master’s, Ms. Udofe plans to enroll in medical school.

Anil Yadav (Computer Science) will begin a PhD program in Bioengineering at The University of California, Los Angeles with full funding.


The Honors Program shares these success stories, acknowledging that they have only been possible with the support and dedication of Coppin faculty and staff. Thank you and congratulations to all!

Honors Program 2019 Recognition Ceremony

2019 Award Ceremony

The Honors Program recognized the accomplishments of its graduating seniors and general student body at its End-of-Year Recognition Ceremony on April 26, 2019. Each senior received a medal of achievement to be worn at Commencement, and their peers received special recognition in various categories.

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Master's Degree Recipients

A Sampling of Honors Program Graduates Who Have Earned Master’s Degrees

  • Dawn Abraham (M.Ed., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
  • Erica Abraham (M.S., Morgan State University)
  • Olu Adewunmi (M.B.A., University of Baltimore/Towson University)
  • Mobolaji Akinpelu (M.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Ebony Andrews (M.P.A., Morehouse School of Medicine)
  • Juanita Ashby-Bey (M.S., The Johns Hopkins University)
  • Geraldine Bailey (M.S., Coppin State)
  • Mia Ball (M.A.T., The Johns Hopkins University)
  • Mohamed Bamba (M.S., University of Pennsylvania)
  • Tyra Barnes (M.S.W., University of Maryland, Baltimore)
  • Berdetta Bass (M.A.T., Coppin State)
  • Viola Bell (M.Ed., Loyola College)
  • Reginald Benyard (M.S., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
  • Latifah Bernard (M.B.A., Grand Canyon University)
  • Joanne Bernardo (M.B.A., University of Phoenix)
  • Charles Betow (M.S., West Virginia University)
  • Ani Blanks-Washington (M.S., Howard University)
  • Leslie Boyd (M.N.S., University of Maryland, Baltimore)
  • Caron Brace (M.P.A., University of Baltimore)
  • Alyshia Branson (M.S., University of Pennsylvania)
  • Aleia Brown (M.A., Northern Kentucky University)
  • Joyce Camper (M.S., Howard University)
  • Carolyn Carey (M.A., The Ohio State University)
  • Ester Carr (M.S., Bowling Green State University)
  • Nayo Carter-Gray (M.B.A., University of Baltimore)
  • Sean Caesar (M.B.A., Morgan State University)
  • Donna Clayton (M.A., University of Baltimore)
  • Hennither Cole-Gant (M.S., Towson University)
  • Andre Congo (M.B.A, University of Phoenix)
  • Clarissa Cooper (M.A., University of New York at Binghamton)
  • Shante’ Corbitt (M.S., George Mason University)
  • Jasmine Countess (M.A., Loyola University of Chicago)
  • Kay Crawley (M.S.W., University of Maryland, Baltimore)
  • Ueritta Crocker (M.S., Morgan State University)
  • Micah Crump (M.B.A., Morgan State University)
  • Anja Dailey-Tolbert (M.S., Walden University)
  • Ann Marie Davis (M.L.S., University of Maryland, College Park)
  • Damani Davis (M.A., The Ohio State University)
  • Nixon Davis (M.S., The Ohio State University)
  • Steve Delice (M.A., University of Virginia)
  • Shequra Dickerson (M.S., Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Steve Dixon (M.S., University of Miami)
  • Emmerita Dogo-Isonagie (M.S., West Virginia University)
  • Maryann Dogo-Isonagie (University of Baltimore)
  • Kathryn Donaldson (M.P.H., Loma Linda University)
  • Kester Duncan (M.S., University of South Florida)
  • Dale Dunn (MBA, University of Southern Mississippi)
  • Melissa Edwards (M.Ed., Capella University)
  • Jermaine Ellerbe (M.Ed., Howard University)
  • Wanda Elliott-Yates (M.Ed., Xavier University—Ohio)
  • Selina Fedd (M.Ed., Tennessee State University)
  • Harrelle Felipa (M.S., University of Wisconsin—Madison)
  • Chantelle Fisher (M.S., DeVry University)
  • Jordan Ford (M.B.A., Loyola University)
  • Neville George (M.B.A., University of Baltimore)
  • Marshalee George-Belton (M.S.N., University of Pennsylvania)
  • Ray Gilmore (M.S.F., Loyola University)
  • Keysha Goodwin (M.S., University of Baltimore)
  • Dayna Hannah (M.S., Loyola University of Maryland)
  • Beryl Harris (M.B.A., West Virginia University)
  • Monique Harrison (M.A., John Jay College of Criminal Justice)
  • Lartoniah Hassan (M.S., Bowie State University)
  • Zia Holder (M.A., American University)
  • Veronica Holland (M.S., University of Maryland, Baltimore)
  • Lisa Holsey (M.A., The Ohio State University)
  • Mary Soo Hon (M.B.A., West Virginia University; M.S., West Virginia University)
  • Uche Honnah (M.S., Teeside University, United Kingdom)
  • Hester Hughes (M.A., Michigan State University)
  • Nadine Huntley-Hall (M.S., Towson University)
  • Njideka Israel (M.Sc., University of Trinidad and Tobago)
  • Joanne Jackson (M.A., University of Maryland, College Park)
  • Shirley Hall Jackson (M.S., Coppin/University of Baltimore)
  • Tiffany Jackson (M.S., The Johns Hopkins University)
  • Mary John (M.S., Bowling Green State University)
  • T. Annette Johnson (M.S., Bowling Green State University)
  • Denise Bailey Jones (M.S., University of Baltimore)
  • Rashaad Jorden (M.S., Leeds Beckett University)
  • Kaloyan Kanev (M.S., The George Washington University)
  • Sarrina Kearney (M.S., University of Baltimore)
  • Lauren King (M.S., Carnegie-Mellon)
  • Nkenge Kirton (M.S., Marquette University)
  • Jennifer Landon (M.A., University of Maryland, College Park)
  • Lorraine LaPrade (M.A., Claremont Graduate University)
  • Victoria Lawson (M.A., Towson University)
  • Ericka Levy (M.A., St. John’s University)
  • Leontye Lewis (M.Ed., Bowling Green; M.Ed., Harvard University)
  • Monique Lewis (M.S., Georgia State University)
  • Lopez Matthews (M.A., Howard University)
  • Jharel Monier (M.Arch., Morgan State University)
  • Arlon Morrison (M.B.A., University of Southern Mississippi)
  • Kia Nelson (M.S., Marymount University)
  • Brownhilda Ngwang (The Johns Hopkins University)
  • Isioma Okonkwo (M.B.A., Hood College)
  • Evette Oliver (M.S., Towson University)
  • Solomon Omo-Osagie (M.S., Bowling Green State University)
  • Solomon Omo-Osagie (M.Th., St. Mary’s College Seminary and University)
  • Leia Osbourne (M.S., University of Maryland Baltimore)
  • Marsha Pacheco (M.A., Brandeis University)
  • Chanta Patton (M.B.A., Babson College)
  • Fayola Peters (M.S., West Virginia University)
  • Keith Pettiford (M.B.A., Wilmington College)
  • Bertha Pitt (M.S.W., University of Pittsburgh)
  • Kenneth Pough (M.S., Howard University) (M.S., Strayer University)
  • Ashley Quick (M.B.A., Barry University)
  • Krystal Roach (M.S., University of Baltimore)
  • Odessa Rose (M.A., University of Maryland, College Park)
  • Gail Satchell (M.S., University of Baltimore)
  • Neishall Schuyler (M.B.A., Iowa State University)
  • Donnell Scott (M.B.A., Howard University)
  • Ana Sebescen (M.J., University of Maryland College Park)
  • Nina Sebescen (M.S., University of Maryland College Park)
  • Rianna Lee Sing (M.A., University of South Florida)
  • James Smith (M.S., University of Baltimore)
  • Sharron Spriggs (M.A., Columbia University)
  • Gabrielle Spence (M.Acc., University of Georgia)
  • Jeffrey Starks (M.A., New York University, Stony Brook)
  • Courtney Stewart (M.S., Stevenson University)
  • Leslie Stridiron (M.A., University of Maryland, College Park)
  • Aprylle Sturdivant (M.S.W., Morgan State University)
  • Arlette Thomas (M.S., The Johns Hopkins University)
  • Michael Thomas (M.A., Morgan State University)
  • Terry Thornton (M.A., St. Mary’s Seminary and University)
  • Michael K. Tyson (M.S., Bowie State University)
  • Sabir Uddin (M.S., University of Maryland Baltimore)
  • Porfirio Velasquez (M.A., American University)
  • Tonette Vinson-Bangura (M.S.N., University of Pennsylvania)
  • Georgette Washington (M.S., The Johns Hopkins University)
  • Paul Williams (M.S., University of Baltimore)
  • Lakeisha Wilson (M.S.W., Columbia University)
  • Rukiya Wongus (M.H.A., Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Carita Young (M.A., Golden Gate University)

Doctoral Degree Recipients

A Sampling of Honors Program Bachelor’s Recipients Who Have Earned a Doctoral Degree

A Sampling of Recent Honors Program Bachelor’s Recipients Who Have Gone on to Earn the Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Education, or Doctor of Jurisprudence (alphabetized)

  • Juanita Ashby-Bey (Ph.D., University of Maryland, BC—Education; CSU Honors Program)
  • Nicole Baird (Ed.D, Drexel University—Education; CSU Honors Program)
  • Mohamed Bamba (J.D., Rutgers University School of Law—CSU Honors Program)
  • Caron Brace (J.D., University of Baltimore School of Law—CSU Honors Program)
  • Sean Brooks (Ph.D., Howard University—Mathematics)
  • Aleia Brown (Ph.D., Middle Tennessee State University—Public History; CSU Honors Program)
  • Stacey Cobb (J.D., University of the District of Columbia School of Law—CSU Honors Program)
  • Micah Crump, Sr. (Ph.D., Morgan State University—Business Administration; CSU Honors Program)
  • Cajetan Dogo-Isonagie (Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University—Chemistry; CSU Honors Program)
  • Kester Duncan (Ph.D., University of South Florida—Computer Science; CSU Honors Program)
  • Ray Gilmore (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin—Business; CSU Honors Program)
  • Marshalee George (Ph.D., Walden University—Public Health; CSU Honors Program)
  • Elaine Howell (Ph.D., Lehigh University—Psychology; CSU Honors Program)
  • Shawyn Jenkins (Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign—Education; CSU Honors Program)
  • Gabriel Jiabana (Ph.D., Howard University—Sociology; CSU Honors Program)
  • Reshard Kellici (J.D., University of Maryland School of Law—CSU Honors Program)
  • Kevin Jones (Ph.D., Duke University—Pharmacology; CSU Honors Program)
  • Leontye Lewis (Ed.D., Harvard University—Education; CSU Honors Program)
  • Lawrence S. Little (Ph.D., The Ohio State University—History; CSU Honors Program)
  • Pamela Love (Ph.D., University of Maryland, Baltimore—Social Work; CSU Honors Program)
  • Lopez Matthews (Ph.D., Howard University—History; CSU Honors Program)
  • Enrico McCleary (J.D., The Pennsylvania State University; CSU Honors Program)
  • Wanda McCoy (Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park—Mathematics Education; CSU Honors Program)
  • Gisselle McKell-Jeffers (Ph.D., Howard University—Clinical Psychology; CSU Honors Program)
  • Maurice Moody (J.D., University of Baltimore; CSU Honors Program)
  • Arlon Morrison (Ph.D., University of West Indies, St. Augustine; CSU Honors Program)
  • Maurice J. Narcis (Ph.D., University of Miami—Chemistry; CSU Honors Program)
  • Solomon Omo-Osagie (Ph.D., Morgan State University—History; CSU Honors Program)
  • Fayola Peters (Ph.D., West Virginia University—Computer Science; CSU Honors Program)
  • Keith Pettiford (DBA, Wilmington University—Business; CSU Honors Program)
  • Alicia Ritchie (J.D., University of Baltimore; CSU Honors Program)
  • Traki Taylor-Webb (Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign—Education; CSU Honors Program)
  • Janice Williams (Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University—Genetics; CSU Honors Program)

Selected Summer Research and Internship Experiences

Summer 2021

  • Mariam Allison (Biology) Takeda Pharmaceuticals America, Inc.
  • Desiree Carrizosa (English) California Military Institute
  • Rebekka Hauri (Biology) Ophthalmic Research Laboratory, Department of Natural Sciences, CSU
  • Chika Iwuji (Biology) CREST, Department of Natural Sciences, CSU
  • Tochi Iwuji (Biology) National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, ESTP Summer Program
  • Jazzleen McRae (Accounting) KPMG
  • Princess Onukwufor (Nursing) Sinai Hospital of Baltimore/MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center
  • Henrietta Rolle (Nursing) CREST, Department of Natural Sciences, CSU
  • Chelitha Thurston (Nursing) Children’s Hospital/St. Agnes Hospital

Summer 2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted many summer internships, the Honors Program applauds the initiative of the following students for securing major-related, pre-professional opportunities for summer 2020.

  • Iyanna Arrington—The Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, C-Suite Internship
  • Jael Bain—Office of Information Technology, Coppin State University, IT Student Help Desk
  • Ashanti Davis—Next Step Treatment Center
  • Eryk Goode— Franklin Square Hospital
  • Jazzleen McRae—Georgia Pacific

Summer 2019

  • Ashanti Davis—Life's Perspective Mentoring Program
  • Kayla Demeritte—Coppin State University, New Student Orientation, Division of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs and American Red Cross
  • Oluwadamilola Oloyede—U.S. Department of Defense
  • Dominic Russell—Coppin State University, LAIA, Department of Computer Science
  • Oluchukwu Usoh—Coppin State University, Ophthalmic Research Lab, Department of Natural Sciences

Summer 2018

  • Keenan Forbes—U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Cole Gerula—The Harrisburg Senators
  • Chima Iwuji—University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Institute for Marine and Environmental Technology Undergraduate Internship Program
  • Obinna Iwuji—University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science Institute for Marine and Environmental Technology Undergraduate Internship Program
  • Oluwadamilola Oloyede—Department of Defense Financial Management
  • Anil Yadav—Coppin State University - Information Systems

Summer 2017

  • Kierra Curtis—The Ohio State University; Summer Research Opportunity Program
  • Jasmine Beard—Baltimore City Health Department
  • Destiny Brown—Coppin State University; Ophthalmic Research Laboratory
  • Keenan Forbes—U.S. Department of Transportation—Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • Tairyn Gummer—Social Security Administration
  • Chima Iwuji—National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC)
  • Obinna Iwuji—Coppin State University, NASA-sponsored Undergraduate Research
  • Bailee Jackson—U.S. Olympic Committee/USA
  • Alfred Shallum—U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Anil Yadav—UCLA, Department of Radiological Sciences
  • Patrice Whaley —Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

Summer 2016

  • Mariatu Abramani—James McDonald Day Care Center, CSU
  • Destiny Brown—Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital
  • Anster Charles—Pfizer
  • Wanda Parks—Chonnam University, South Korea (Study Abroad)
  • Kesha Silvera—Baylor College of Medicine; Summer Undergraduate Research Program
  • Edward Williams—NW Regional Health Authority, Port of Spain

Summer 2015

  • Ufuoma Agarin—Mayoral Fellowship
  • Lawrence Amadi—Walmart (Corporate)
  • Yves Cooper—Enterprise Holdings
  • Davaughn Dilahunty—Student Employment Program (SEP); Sounds of the Underground ATL
  • Maureen Dimukeje—Upward Bound Math and Science Program; University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • Kamila Jernigan—Chonnam National University, South Korea (Study Abroad)
  • Wanda Parks—George Mason University
  • Kesha Silvera—National Institutes of Health
  • Chelsea Sauni—Johns Hopkins University
  • Charlyne Smith—Walmart (Corporate)
  • Kache’ Woods—NASA Ames Research Center

Summer 2014

  • Ufuoma Agarin—Governor’s Summer Internship
  • Aashish Ghimire—Purdue University; Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
  • Krystal Roach—Chonnam University, South Korea (Study Abroad)
  • Sunil Yadav—Princeton University; Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Summer 2013

  • Lawrence Amadi—CSU Research Laboratory; Juxtopia
  • Krystal Roach—Drug Treatment Court

Summer 2012

  • Nioka Allen—St. Agnes Hospital
  • Omazonna Amadi—Case Western Reserve University; Summer Undergraduate Research Program
  • Jeannette Campbell—University of Massachusetts Medical School; Summer Research Fellowship Program

Summer 2011

  • Mobolaji Akinpelu—MIT Summer Research Program (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  • Nioka Allen—Research Assistant, Natural Sciences (Coppin State University)
  • Jenise Anthony—Dance Place, Washington, DC
  • Jeanette Campbell—Summer Medical and Dental Education Program (Yale University); Research Assistant (Natural Sciences, Coppin State University)
  • Cristy Clark—Long-term Undergraduate Research Experiences (LURE) (Coppin State University)
  • Caroline Kilemi—Emerging Minority Business Leaders Summer Institute (West Liberty University)
  • Nkenge Kirton—Governor’s Summer Internship Program; Office of University Relations (Coppin State University)
  • Bengallo Morrison —Summer Academic Success Academy (Coppin State University)
  • Brandon Royal —Research Assistant, Mathematics and Computer Science Department (Coppin State University)
  • Stephanie Simmons—Summer Academic Success Academy (Coppin State University)
  • Porfirio Velasquez—Long-term Undergraduate Research Experiences (LURE) (Coppin State University)