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Honors Scholarships

Honors Scholarships

The following scholarships are available through the Honors Program:

  • Eagle Honors Program Scholarship
  • Honors Associate
  • Upper-Division Honors Program Scholarship

Eagle Honors Program Scholarship


  • First-semester, first-year student
  • 3.0 high school grade-point average
  • 1080 SAT/ ACT 21 

(Provides in-state tuition and fees)

Honors Associate Scholarship


  • First-semester, first-year student
  • 3.5 high school grade-point average 

(Provides $3,000 a year, disbursed $1,500 per semester)

Upper-Division Honors Program Scholarships

Participation in the Upper-Division Honors Program is extended to the transfer student or the Coppin State University upperclassman who has demonstrated exceptional ability and has indicated an interest in graduate study.  As a part of the Honors Program, the upper-division student will be led through the academic, cultural and career development, and leadership enrichment components of the Honors Program; however, the primary focus of the Program will be graduate-school preparation. 

Honors Transfer Scholarship


  • Graduated first in class (4.0 GPA) or second in class (3.95 GPA or higher) from an accredited community college;
  • must commit to full-time status at Coppin State (15 credits or more).

(Provides in-state tuition and fees)

Honors Upper-Division Scholarship


  •  Full-time Coppin State student;
  •  3.5 cumulative GPA;
  • completion of English Composition I and II or their equivalents;
  • completion of no fewer than 45 credit hours and no more than 60 credit hours.

(Provides $3,000 each year, disbursed $1,500 per semester)

(This scholarship is renewed each semester the student earns a current grade point average of 3.2 and maintains a cumulative grade point average of 3.2. Also, each scholarship recipient must maintain full-time status in order for funding to be posted to the student’s account.)

          Download Upper Division Scholarship Application

NOTE:  Scholarship awards may be reduced in the event that external scholarship funding or financial aid creates an over award.  In such case, a student should contact the Office of Financial Aid. 

Each year, scholarships are awarded to incoming students as the Honors Program budget permits.  Once a student is awarded, he or she will continue to be funded at that level through to completion of the Honors Program.  Budgetary restrictions do not allow the upgrading of scholarships.