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Honors Scholarships

Honors Scholarships

The following scholarships are available through the Honors Program:

  • Eagle Honors Program Scholarship
  • Honors Associate
  • Upper-Division Honors Program Scholarship

Eagle Honors Program Scholarship


  • First-semester, first-year student
  • 3.0 high school grade-point average
  • 1080 SAT/ ACT 21 

(Provides in-state tuition and fees)

Honors Associate Scholarship


  • First-semester, first-year student
  • 3.5 high school grade-point average 

(Provides $3,000 a year)

Upper-Division Honors Program Scholarship

Participation in the Upper-Division Honors Program is extended to either the student currently enrolled at Coppin State or to the student who has transferred from some other accredited institution of higher learning. The successful scholarship recipient is one who has demonstrated exceptional ability and has indicated an interest in graduate study. As part of the Honors Program, the upper-division student will be led through the academic, cultural development, and leadership enrichment components of the Honors Program.

During the junior and senior year, the Upper-Division student is required to complete three research courses. Each summer, students are encouraged to apply for paid research assistantships. Additional Honors Program requirements will include but are not limited to general program meetings, scholarly lectures, cultural and motivational activities, community service, graduate-school workshops, and attendance at graduate-school fairs.

The Upper-Division Honors Program applicant must:

  • Possess a 3.5 cumulative grade point average
  • Have completed English Composition I and II (or their equivalence)
  • Have earned at least 45 credit hours but no more than 60 credit hours
  • Maintain full-time student status, defined as a minimum of 15 credits per semester

(Provides $3,000 a year. This scholarship is renewed each semester the student earns a current grade point average of 3.3 and maintains a cumulative grade point average of 3.3. Also, each scholarship recipient must maintain full-time status in order for funding to be posted to the student’s account.)

Download Upper Division Scholarship Application