Honors Program Application Process

Application Process

Any student interested in applying for an Honors Program scholarship should follow the application process below:

  1. First, garner admission from the University. Honors Program applications cannot be processed before a student is admitted into the University.
  2. The Office of Admissions will forward referral forms to the Director of The Honors Program for any student who meets the requirements for an Honors Program scholarship.
  3. The Honors Program, then, prepares and forwards recruitment letters and application packets to referred students. In the interim, students are expected to make arrangements for placement testing through the Office of First-year Experience. (410-951-3555; 410-951-3508; Grace Hill Jacobs Building, 2nd Floor).
  4. Once completed applications are received by the Honors Program, those applications are reviewed by the Director who schedules a formal interview with potential students either by phone, Skype, or in-person. Based on the interview results and overall academic readiness of the applicant, the interviewing committee sends a recommendation to the Director.
  5. Award letters and forms are forwarded to students whose selections have been approved by the Director of The Honors Program.

Applicants should be aware that all scholarships are based on in-state tuition and are awarded as the Honors Program budget permits. Budgetary constraints play a role in the scholarship level that is offered. Students may be eligible for a higher level of support than that which is offered due to the availability of scholarship resources.