Honors Program History

Program History

In 1980-1981, the Honors Program was developed in response to a Maryland Board of Trustees mandate, which required that all colleges and universities governed by the Board create honors programs. In 1981-82, the initial cohort of Honors Program students enrolled in honors at Coppin State. Lower-division students enrolled in five advanced classes that substituted for the usual General Education Requirements (GERs) (e.g., a student might enroll in General Zoology instead of Biological Science). Because of the limited number of honors students at that time, honors GER courses were not feasible. Instead, three Departmental Honors courses were developed; they were Interdisciplinary Honors Seminar and Honors Field Practicum I and II. Initially, no scholarships were available for students. Gradually, additional GER and upper-division honors courses were added. In recent years, Four-Year, Opportunity and Upper- Division Scholarships became available to students.