Financial Assistance

Contact the Graduate Nursing program for available information on scholarships, grants possible professional nurse traineeships, and possible graduate assistantships available for full-time students.

Maryland State Awards:

The State of Maryland offers Senatorial, Delegate, Professional, and State Nursing Scholarships to qualified graduate students who are Maryland residents. Applicants must file the FAFSA by February 15th, and submit to the State Scholarship Administration any additional information required. For further information, call (410) 974-5370.

Federal Direct Loan Program:

This loan program is now available to all students who have at least half time status. It provides funding for your education at low interest rates with favorable repayment terms. Complete information regarding the loan program is listed below.

Scholarship Search:

We encourage students to seek information regarding scholarships through library sources, service organizations, and searchable databases. Two scholarship search programs available through the Internet are listed below:

Students should contact professional organizations, sororities, branches of the military, and alumni associations for information regarding scholarships. Employers often offer educational benefits and some students have found opportunities for funding through the Maryland Hospital Association, (410) 321-6200.

For more information regarding any additional grants, scholarships, and loans contact:

Office of Student Financial Aid
Coppin State University
2500 W. North Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21216-3698
Office: (410) 951-3636