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Curriculum Standards and Policy Committee

Curriculum Standards and Policy Committee

The purpose of the Coppin State University Curriculum Standards and Policy Committee (hereafter referred to as the Curriculum Committee) is to recommend to the Vice President for Academic Affairs: 

  • Academic policies and programs in keeping with the philosophy and mission of the University and with the policies of the Board of Regents of the University System of Maryland
  • Policies, standards, procedures for admission to the University, to special programs, and to majors
  • General departmental standards for retention and for graduation
  • Operational definitions for letter grades
  • Guidelines for all university-wide or out-of-class testing programs

2016-2018 Curriculum Standards and Policy Committee Executive Officers

Chair: Dr. Atma Sahu

Vice Chair: Dr. Douglas C. Reardon

Secretary: Dr. Irving Smith

Parliamentarian: Dr. Danita Tolson

Registrar: Ms. Karen C. Barland


There are two sub-committees:

The General Education Program Sub-Committee: Dr. Tracey L. Murray, Chair

The Academic Program Review Sub-Committee