American Association of University Professors - CSU Chapter

Faculty colleagues, welcome to the CSU-AAUP Chapter web page.

The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) was organized by Arthur Lovejoy, a philosopher at Johns Hopkins University, and John Dewey in 1915. Since that time the AAUP has been protecting the rights of faculty and other higher education professionals. It is the most recognized organization serving the needs of thousands of full and part-time teachers, tenured and non-tenured faculty, librarians, and other academic professionals.

The broad purposes of this chapter are to:

  • Support the policies and goals of the AAUP
  • Promote the interests of higher education and research
  • Increase the usefulness and standards, ideals, and welfare of the academic professions

The specific purposes of this chapter are to:

  • Defend academic freedom at Coppin State University
  • Encourage faculty participation in governance at Coppin
  • Protect and advance the professional status and interests of all faculty members at Coppin State University

Additional objectives and purposes are stated in the Chapter's Bylaws.

The membership of this chapter is limited to those persons who are National members of the American Association of University Professors with the status of Full-time, Entrant, Part-time, or Emeritus.

This chapter offers faculty members a forum to voice their concerns and collectively, with the support of the National Office, exercise an important persuasive influence in matters that confront Higher Education at Coppin.