Office of Student Activities and Leadership

Office of Student Activities and Leadership

Office of Student Activities and Leadership

The Office of Student Activities and Leadership is a student-centered office located on the first floor of the J. Millard Tawes Center. We are an office that enhances and compliments the academic experience for the CSU student body through an extensive array of cultural, education, recreation, social, special CSU traditions and leadership programs. By offering these programs and services, we create an environment for individuals to interact and learn from one another. This office also works to help improve upon students social life, gain self-confidence, acquire leadership skills and learn how to function as a member and/or leader of a group or a team. Through service to the campus and community, we foster interactive and developmental experience in leadership, programming, and service.

Student organizations exist to support and enrich the academic experience for our students. Extracurricular activities include concerts, dances, lectures, movies, bowling, skating, comedians, and other live performances. Students not only have the opportunity to participate in these extracurricular activities, but they can help plan them as well.

Department Staff:

Ihsan Mujahid, Director

  • Student Government Association - Advisor
  • Royal Court - Advisor
  • Student Activities Programming Board - Advisor
  • Senior Class - Advisor
  • Major department activities, i.e. Welcome Week, I Love Coppin Week, Homecoming, Spring Fling
  • General programming and activities

Cynthia Fitzgerald

  • Student Health Insurance
  • National Pan Hellenic Council - Advisor
  • Council of Independent Organizations
  • Membership Intake

Carla Tyree

  • International Students
  • Clubs and Organizations
  • Charles B. Wright Leadership Series

Thomas Henderson

  • Game Room activities


The Office of Student Activities and Leadership is responsible for the following areas:

  • Student Activities Programming Board
  • Student Government Association
  • CSU Royal Court
  • Greek and Social Fellowship Organizations
  • Student Clubs & Organizations
  • The Yearbook

Annual Events:

  • Welcome Week
  • Clubs & Organizational Fairs
  • Homecoming
  • I Love Coppin Week
  • Miss & Mister Coppin Competition and Coronation
  • And much more!


  • Maintain and manage a calendar of events, activities, and programs.
  • Provide leadership opportunities through ongoing leadership and personal development.
  • Assist in the program planning and event management of all student organizations.
  • Provide personal and environmental developmental program and activities from the University community throughout the academic year.
  • Provide opportunities to develop skills and assist in the professional preparedness of the student leadership.

What's Poppin at Coppin? Programs and Events

Fall 2018 At A Glance


Event Date
Charles B. Wright Organizational Leadership Conference 8/26/18

Welcome Week 

  • Play Fair - 8/27
  • Movie Under the Stars - 8/28
  • Coppin Night at Camden Yards - Orioles Game 8/29
  • Candlelight Ceremony - 8/30
  • Clubs and Orgs Day - 8/31
Campus Wide Information Session 9/6
Grocery Bingo 9/12

SGA Week

  • Events TBA

I Love Coppin Week

  • Aux Cord Wars - 10/8
  • Mister and Miss Coppin Coronation - 10/10
  • Midnight Mayhem - 10/11
  • Volleyball Game and Party - 10/12
Midterms 10/15-10/20
Halloween Party 10/26
Escape Room 10/31

Brothers Week

  • Brothers Brunch - 11/10
  • Additional events TBA
DeStress Before the Test 12/10


Our website will be updated regularly so make sure you check back periodically to see what programs are going on with the Office of Student Activities and Leadership. Any questions please call (410) 951-3922.