Academic Engagement Center

Placement Testing

  • Develop and implement process that move students to degree completion
  • Increase and facilitate remote testing to meet needs of students who are remote
  • Work with math department to develop opportunity for multiple (2) testing with remediation to improve 2nd round testing—goal is to reduce the number of students in developmental
  • Placement testing to include Diagnostic assessments
  • All Placement testing done on 2nd floor of Grace Jacobs (location of University College)

Advising/Consultation GER 40

  • Working with CSU students through 1st and 2nd year to ensure completion of GER
  • Registration of new first time to Coppin students
  • Develop process for addressing needs of transfer students

Early Alert monitoring and follow-up

  • Students who are facing challenges in the classroom and have been early alerted by faculty will have the opportunity to have someone to follow-up and help the student to tap into academic resources to address the challenges.

Undergraduate Math and Writing Services

  • Math and Writing Services will partner closely with the departments
  • Online Writing Lab: Purdue University OWL