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Student Affairs

Student Affairs

Student Affairs is concerned about the Total Student Experience at Coppin State University for undergraduate, graduate and professional students. The Vice President participates in developing institutional policies and supporting services that assist students in reaching their educational goals by providing co-curricular opportunities of exceptional quality, and providing assistance to students for the development of positive attitudes, personal qualities and intellectual pursuits that will promote the worth, dignity and aspirations of each student as they matriculate towards graduation. The Office of the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs is dedicated to a collaborative approach to student development and works with faculty and departmental staff to impart appropriate guidance over issues of policy, conduct and university safety.

Student Affairs provides administrative oversight for the services provided by departments under the purview of the Vice President for Enrollment Managment and Student Affairs. Staff members provide budgetary and technological support to keep our operation at maximum potential and on the cutting edge. Staff members are available to answer questions and assist students to address any issues relative to their matriculation at the University by offering guidance and support to navigate within the framework of university policy.

Student Affairs provides the following for our student colleagues:

  • Institutional Leadership
  • Divisional Budget Planning and Support
  • Divisional Technology Planning and Support
  • Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures
  • Interpretation of policies and procedures

Our Mission

In furtherance of the University's Mission, Student Affairs is committed to providing from orientation through graduation, an exceptional co-curricular experience; supportive of academic programs and reflective of the University's diverse student population. Finally, the mission is to empower our student population to persist academically, and to develop personally and socially in a nurturing environment.

Sexual Misconduct Policy