Child Care Programs and Services Minor CSU Academic Programs

The minor in Child Care Programs and Services provides students with 1) a knowledge of the historical, theoretical, and empirical basis for child care; 2) an understanding of the significance of providing support services to the families of children in child care, and 3) an opportunity to examine a variety of day care programs and to design day care programs. An important component of the Child Care Programs and Services minor is the opportunity to practice skills learned in the classroom in a day care site. Students who elect a minor in Child Care Programs and Services must complete the requirements for the minor with a grade of ā€œCā€ or higher in the following courses in addition to the GER:

ECED 329 Principles and Practicum in Early Childhood*
ECED 301 Child Growth & Physiological Development
ECED 334 Creative Expression*
ECED 339 Social Emotional Development of the Young Child
ECED 340 Introduction to Child Care
ECED 344 Nutrition, Health and Childhood Diseases*
ECED 347 Before & After School Child Care
TOTAL: 21 credits
* These courses have a practicum experience requirement
** Must have completed the courses in Pre-Professional Block, Professional Block I, & Professional Block II