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Rehabilitation Services Minor CSU Academic Programs

Students wishing to minor in Rehabilitation Services must complete 21 credits from the courses below and must adhere to all necessary pre-requisites:


Minor in Rehabilitation Services    
REHB 201 Introduction to Rehab (required)
REHB 301 Health and Medical Information
REHB 302 Theories of Counseling
REHB 303 Case Recording/Management
REHB 305 Vocation DVMT Counseling & Employment
REHB 311 Independent Living
REHB 401 Field Work in Rehabilitation I
REHB 402 Field Work in Rehabilitation II
REHB 403 Rehab of PSYC Impaired
REHB 404 Rehab Services for Addict
REHB 405 Multicultural Approaches in Rehabilitation

REHB 406 Seminar in Rehab
REHB 411 Special Topics in Rehabilitation