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Philosophy Minor CSU Academic Programs

Philosophy provides students with knowledge of the history of philosophical thought and teaches the skills of critical thinking. Courses are divided into those concentrating on a particular philosophic problem and those which analyze the philosophic thought of a particular historical period.

The requirement for the minor in Philosophy is 18 credit hours, not including the GER 3 credit requirement of either Philosophy 102 or Philosophy 103. Therefore, the total credit requirement for Philosophy minor is 18 total credit hours.

Students who elect a minor in philosophy must take 6 courses beyond the GER requirement of either Philosophy 102 or Philosophy 103. The required distribution of Philosophy 205 Philosophical Logic; 2 History; and 3 Electives. Each requirement and elective must be distributed more or less evenly over the primary groups: Practical, Theoretical, and History with at least one each from 200, 300, and 400-level courses.

Students who elect a minor in philosophy must complete with a grade of "C" or higher the following courses in addition to the GERs:

I. Practical

  • Philosophy 311 Ethics
  • Philosophy 312 Death and Dying
  • Philosophy 313 Medical Ethics
  • Philosophy 314 Social and Political Philosophy
  • Philosophy 331 Philosophy of Religion
  • Philosophy 441 Special Topics (Practical)

II. Theoretical

  • Philosophy 205 Philosophical Logic
  • Philosophy 315 Philosophy of Mind and Language
  • Philosophy 335 Metaphysics
  • Philosophy 336 Epistemology
  • Philosophy 442 Special Topics (Theoretical)

III. History of Philosophy

  • Philosophy 201 - Ancient Philosophy
  • Philosophy 202 - Modern Philosophy
  • Philosophy 203 - Contemporary Philosophy
  • Philosophy 443 - Special Topics (History of Philosophy)


All students are required to take either Introduction to Logic (PHIL 102) or Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 103).


Those seeking the B.A. are also required to take, in addition to the GER philosophy, an upper level philosophy course.