Secondary Education Certificate CSU Academic Programs

I.    Foundations Courses (9 credits required)

A.    Psychological Foundations

EDUC 202 Educational Psychology
(This course requires a 16 hour practicum)
SPED 201 Introduction to the Needs of Exceptional Individuals

B.    Historical or Philosophical Foundations

EDUC 402 History of Education
EDUC 403 Philosophy of Education

II.    Methods Courses and Practicum (27 credits required)

A.    General Methods (all courses required)

EDUC 203 Fundamentals of Teaching with A-V Technology
EDUC 408 Measurement and Evaluation in Education
SCED 312 Principles of Secondary Education
SCED 427 Teaching Reading in the Content Area I
REED 428 Teaching Reading in the Content Area II

B.    Subject Matter Methods

Choose the one course which fits the major:

SCED 324 Social Studies in the Sec. School
SCED 325 Teaching English in the Sec. School
SCED 326 Teaching Science in the Sec. School
SCED 327 Teaching Mathematics in the Sec. School

C.    Practicum

SCED 414 Directed Teaching in the Secondary School/Seminar

III.    Recommended Electives

PSYC 206 Small Group Analysis
PSYC 304 Child Psychology
PSYC 305 Adolescent Psychology
PSYC 306 Personality
PSYC 411 Abnormal Psychology

IV.    Subject Matter Major Courses

  1. Biology
  2. Chemistry
  3. English
  4. History/Social Studies
  5. Mathematics