Early Childhood Education Minor CSU Academic Programs

The minor in Early Childhood Education provides experiences to prepare students to enable the Pre-K through Grade 3 child to develop effectively through successful cognitive and experience-based activities. Practical application of theories and principles of learning are provided through field experiences. Students electing to minor in Early Childhood Education must complete 21 hours in the program with a grade of "C" or higher.

Group A: Required Courses (18 credits)

ECED 329 Principles and Practicum in Early Childhood*
ECED 330 Methods of Teaching Language Arts in Early Childhood**
ECED 331 Methods of Teaching Social Studies in Early Childhood**
ECED 333 Methods of Teaching Reading in Early Childhood**
ECED 337 Methods of Teaching Science in Early Childhood**
ECED 338 Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Early Childhood**

Group B: Major Electives (3 Credits)

EDUC 402 History of Education
ECED 334 Creative Expression*
* Course has a practicum experience requirement
**Must have met Praxis I requirement in order to enroll in courses; by approval of the Chairperson