Elementary Education Minor CSU Academic Programs

The minor in Elementary Education provides students with the opportunity to develop skills and understandings for effectively guiding students in grades 1-6. Practical application of theories and principles of learning are provided through field experiences. Students electing to minor in Elementary Education must complete, with a grade of "C" or higher, 21 hours in the major program.

ELED 301 Curriculum, Planning, and Management**
ELED 302 Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Elementary School**
ELED 303 Methods of Teaching Reading in Elementary School**
ELED 304 Methods of Teaching Language Arts in Elementary School**
ELED 305 Methods of Teaching Science in the Elementary School **
ELED 306 Methods of Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School**
EDUC 402 History of Education
*Course have a practicum experience requirement
**Must have met Praxis I requirement and Department approval in order to enroll in courses