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The dance major is designed to serve students in preparation to meet the growing demand for dancers professionally trained; or dance educators who can train and teach aspiring dancers to be successful. The curriculum focuses on the ethnic culture i.e. African, and addresses issues and prospectus in the dance genre that traditionally have been overlooked or de-emphasized as central to understanding the presence of dance and the roots of expression through dance. The design of the curriculum is inclusive of all facets of dance technique, productions, performance, and administration, and culture and is aligned with the dance national standards. Additionally the mission of the dance program is to provide opportunities for students to engage in scholarly inquiries, performance and choreographic projects, master class workshops, and dance.

At the end of the program the student will be able to perform or direct/choreograph artistic dance productions as well as train dancers to evolve into competent artists. The major seeks to reflect, address, and impact current cultural needs and interests within the community and the program of courses will include both technique and theory classes germane to the genre.

The dance performance major (121 credits) will embody courses in dance technique such as Cultural Rhythms, I and II African Dance I and II, Sacred World Dance, Tap Dance, Jazz and Musical Theater, and dance theory including Dance as Art and Culture, Dance History, and Music Theory.


DANC 101 Pilates 101  2
MUSC 101 Introduction to Music  3
MUSC 201 Survey of Jazz  3
DANC 200 Dance as Art and Culture  3
DANC 116 Cultural Rhythms I or Repertoire  2
DANC 117 Cultural Rhythms II or Repertoire  2
DANC 119 Urban Contemporary Dance  2
DANC 120 Ballet Fundamentals I  2
DANC 121 Modern Dance Fundamentals I  2
DANC 226 Fundamentals of Choreography  3
DANC 227 Sacred World Dance  3
DANC 228 Jazz and Musical Theater  3
DANC 235 African Dance I  3
DANC 236 African Dance II  3
DANC 220 Ballet Fundamentals II  2
DANC 221 Modern Dance Fundamentals II  2
DANC 324 Tap Dance  2
DANC 325 Dance History  3
DANCE 327 Movement Analysis  3
DANC 329 Professional Outreach  3
DANC 426 Dance Production  3
DANC 427 Internship 6

DANC 122,123, 222,223,322, 323,422,423

Dance Company 8 (1)
THEA Theater Elective  3
Total 71

The expected student learning outcomes for dance performance and dance education include:

  • Identifying and demonstrating dance movement elements and skills with a high level of proficiency.
  • Understanding and applying choreographic principles, processes, and structures in developing artistic dance works,
  • Understanding and conveying dance as a means by which to create and communicate meaning.
  • Applying critical and creative thinking skills in dance.
  • Understanding dance from various cultures, historical periods, and their influence on modern-day and popular culture.
  • Assuming the leadership role in teaching dance competencies to individuals or community groups and organization.
  • Using technology for dance analysis and performance enhancement.
  • Producing and directing dance performances.
  • Understanding and appreciating the connection between dance and healthful living.

Dance Major 

Level I (First Year)

Fall Semester
*ENGL 101 English Composition 3
*MATH 103 Math for Liberal Arts 3
*IDS 102 Music & Dance 3
*PSYC 201 General Psychology 3
**ORIE 101 Freshman Seminar 1
Semester Total

Spring Semester
*ENGL 102 English Composition II 3
*HIST 206 AA History II 3
*BIOL 101 Biological Sciences 3
**MISY 150 Tech Fluency 3
¦DANC Technique 2
¦DANC Technique 2
Semester Total

Level II (Sophomore)

Fall Semester
*?WLIT 207 World Literature 3
*PSYC 201 Intro to Psychology 3
*BIOL 101 Biological Science 4
¦DANC 117 Study in Cult Rhythm 3
¦DANC Technique 2
¦DANC Technique 2
Semester Total 17

Spring Semester
*THEA 211 Fund of Acting 3
*HLTH 101 Health 3
¦DANC 131 Authentic Movement 3
¦DANC 226 Fund of Choreography 3
¦DANC Technique 2
¦DANC Technique 2
Semester Total 15

Level III (Junior)

Fall Semester
¦DANC 325 Dance History 3
¦DANC Technique 2
¦DANC Technique 2
¦DANC Technique 2
¦DANC Composition 3
¦MUSC 201 Survey of Jazz 3
Semester Total 15

Spring Semester
?DANC Theory Elective 3
¦DANC Technique 3
¦DANC Technique 2
¦DANC Technique 2
Program Elective
¦DANC Company 2
Semester Total 15

Level IV (Senior)

Fall Semester
¦DANC 329 Professional Outreach 3
¦DANC Technique 2
¦DANC Technique 2
¦DANC Company 2
¦DANC Technique 2
?Elective Thea Admin 3
Semester Total 14

Spring Semester
¦DANC 427 Internship 3
¦DANC Technique 2
¦DANC Technique 2
¦DANC Company 2
?IDIS 300 Fund for Arts/any univ course 3
General Elective 3
Semester Total 15

 *  General Education Requirement
 **  University Graduation Requirement
 ¦  Major Course
  »  or any 2 part 200 level History
?  or any ENGL 200 level or above
 BIOL 101 or 107 or CHEM 101 or PHSC 101 or PHSC 103
×  PHIL 103 or PHIL 102
 or IDIS 103 or any Foreign Language or ART 105 or MUSC 201 or DANC 226 or THEA 211

 or any 3 credit Health course, or SPCH 202 or SPCH 204 or GEOG 102
 ?  General Elective - any University course
 ?  Program Elective - any non-required course within the discipline
 ?  Support Course
§  Management Science Elective

NOTE: Please consult a program advisor to discuss course options.