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The objectives of the Global Studies program are to 1) redefine the status of the United States from its position as a major power to its position as a member of the world community, 2) expose students to the many similarities and differences on which the world is based, and 3) provide relevant experiences which will broaden students' knowledge, ideas, and concerns about current international events and global issues.

The minor in Global Studies consists of courses such as history, political science, economics, literature, and sociology.  A student may complete the requirements for the minor by earning a grade of "C" or higher in each of the following courses:

GEOG 102 World Regional Geography
WLIT 203 World Literature I
WLIT 204 World Literature II
SOCI 201 Introduction to Sociology
POSC 303 Comparative Government
ECON 402 Comparative Economic Systems
PHIL 414 Social and Political Philosophy
HIST 451 Seminar in Global Studies

To help broaden the student's thoughts and ideas concerning the world, field experiences in international agencies or foreign nations are encouraged in the Seminar in Global Studies. A student travel-study program has been initiated in order to provide structured and academically meaningful experiences in foreign nations. The Coordinator will assist students in designing travel-study programs.

As an integral part of the minor, lectures and workshops dealing with current key international themes and topics are sponsored during the academic year.