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Public School Administration Certification All Academic Programs

Professionals who have completed at least five (5) years of exemplary teaching and have a master’s degree in an education-related discipline can enroll in the program of certification for Administrator I. Upon completion of the sequence of eighteen (18) credit hours of course work, program completers should submit a transcript of completed work to the Maryland State Department of Education in order to receive the official certification for Administrator I.

Note: A person pursuing this program of certification should plan to take the following courses, twelve (12 ) credits of which must be taken at the same institution.

EDUC 646* Human Relations and Interpersonal

EDUC 655* Supervision of Instruction
EDUC 701* School Law
EDUC 705* Strategies for Curriculum Development
EDUC 707* Administration of Education Programs
EDUC 667* Internship in Education Administration

(*This internship must be done under the supervision of a Public School principal.)