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Nonprofit Management and Youth Development Minor All Academic Programs

The following courses are required for the minor in Nonprofit Management and Youth Development:

SOSC 340 Introduction to Nonprofit Leadership
MNSC 336 Not-For-Profit Management
MNSC 310 Marketing for Managers
MNSC 300 Human Relations and Organizational Behavior
NPLS 409 Nonprofit Leadership Internship I (SOCI 409)
NPLS 410 Nonprofit Leadership Internship II (MNSC480)
Advisor Approved Elective Concentration course SOWK, MNSC, POSC, SOCI, etc

 Total: 21 Credits

Students completing this minor are eligible for a national Certification through the Nonprofit Leadership alliance. The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (formerly The American Humanics Program) at Coppin State University provides a major contribution to the university’s mission of service to the community. Coppin State University endeavors to serve the community by providing a variety of learning venues whereby students and graduates may make significant contributions to the improvement of conditions affecting the inner city and the society at large. This minor enhances the university’s current efforts in community development, community nursing, social work field placements, summer youth camps and other community outreach.

The Coppin State University Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Program includes the multidisciplinary minor involving the Departments of Social Sciences, Management Science, and Social Work. The three departments offer courses in the minor along with collaborative administration of the program. The program will grant a national certification to Coppin graduates who complete this minor. An intensive consideration of nonprofit management, fund-raising and youth development constitutes the essential focus of this program.

The undergraduate minor is available to students with any major offered by the university. This 21-hour group of courses and field placement activities will be provided to degree seeking students. An outstanding potential exists to utilize university outreach capacities to provide seminars, workshops, and other learning vehicles for in-service training and certification to non-degree seeking students.

The multidisciplinary minor involves faculty and courses from the three disciplines. Interested sophomore and junior students embark upon a two-year minor of courses, internships, and co-curricula activities to prepare for a certification in Youth and Human Service Nonprofit Management.

Community agencies provide advisory leadership, placement opportunities, employment potentials, visiting lecturers, and other resources as part of a partnership with Coppin State University to mutually enhance community service efforts. Local nonprofit affiliates of American Humanics Incorporated partners are pledged to support local affiliated educational programs.

Students engage in a variety of curriculum support activities including field trips and observations, an Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Club, conferences and meetings sponsored by the national office of the Nonprofit Leadership alliance Incorporated, workshops, seminars, and retreats.