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The major in Sociology provides students with a general orientation to, and an understanding of the nature of society, its organization, functions, and fundamental processes. This major is a traditionally established path to careers and professional preparation in the human services. It is frequently the undergraduate major of individuals entering government services and employment in the nonprofit sector. This major typically provides appropriate and adequate preparation for many graduate and professional programs including Law, Public Health, Urban and Regional Planning, Social Work, Human Services Administration, marketing, Policy Analysis, Research, Professional Counseling, Substance Abuse Prevention and Intervention, and occasionally Medicine.

The major provides very clear pathways to a variety of Internship opportunities. Agencies typically aim their recruitment campaigns and participation opportunities by major departments with Sociology as a very prominent target. This major also provides familiar identification and networking environments for undergraduate students. These services, identity formation, and networking opportunities strengthen the university’s ability to provide high quality academic programs and well prepared students pursuing career opportunities in the areas of health care, education, social services, corrections, and law enforcement.

Sociology provides specific and unique approaches to understanding the urban environment and the various aspects of culture. It serves a major role in the university’s mission to understand, preserve and promote Africa-American culture. Students with majors in sociology will find research and growth opportunities in cultural analysis and cultural enrichment easily identifiable and readily accessible.

In addition to the general Social Sciences major requirements, the following courses are required for the Sociology major:

Social Science (9 Credits)

SOSC 310 Intro to Basic Statistics
SOSC 407 Research Methods
SOSC 430 Social Science Applications
Anthropology (3 Credits)

ANTH 207 Cultural Anthropology
Sociology (24 Credits)

SOCI 201 Intro to Sociology
SOCI 205 Class and Society
SOCI 302 Social Psychology
SOCI 303 Sociological Theory I

SOCI 304 Sociological Theory II
SOCI 402 Family Studies
SOCI 403 Sociology of Race and Ethnicity
SOCI 406 Sociology of the City
SOCI 409 Sociology Internship

SOCI 410 Sociology Research Paper
Sociology Electives (6 Credits)

Advised Sociology Electives-Selection from:

SOCI 300 Sociology of Religion
SOCI 301 Community Organization
SOCI 304 Sociological Theory II
SOCI 306 Sociology of Sport
SOCI 405 Criminology 3
SOCI 411 Sociology Seminar-Special Topics
SOSC 410 Advanced Statistical Analyses


Sociology Major

Level I (First Year)
Fall Semester
*ENGL 101  English Composition  3
*MATH 125
Basic Statistics  3
*»HIST 205 African Am Hist I  3
*†IDIS 102 Music & Dance  3
*SOCI 201
Intro to Sociology  3
**ORIE 101 Freshman Seminar  1
 Semester Total 16

Spring Semester
 *ENGL 102 English Composition II  3
*»HIST 206 African Am Hist II  3
*•PHSC 103 Tech & Human Affairs  3
*‡SPCH 105 Speech
**MISY 150 Tech Fluency  3
 Semester Total 15

Level II (Sophomore)
Fall Semester
*×PHIL 102 Logic
*ECON 201 Intro to Economics  3
*•BIOL 101
Biological Science
*?WLIT 207
World Literature
¦SOCI 205 General Elective  3
 Semester Total 15

 *  General Education Requirement
 **  University Graduation Requirement
 ¦  Major Course
  »  or any 2 part 200 level History
?  or any ENGL 200 level or above
 BIOL 101 or 107 or CHEM 101 or PHSC 101 or PHSC 103
×  PHIL 103 or PHIL 102
 or IDIS 103 or any Foreign Language or ART 105 or MUSC 201 or DANC 226 or THEA 211

 or any 3 credit Health course, or SPCH 202 or SPCH 204 or GEOG 102
 ?  General Elective - any University course
 ?  Program Elective - any non-required course within the discipline
 ?  Support Course
§  Management Science Elective

NOTE: Please consult a program advisor to discuss course options.