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The major in Political Science provides students with an understanding of the political process in the United States by emphasizing constitutional principles, the interrelationship of national, state, and local governments, while also examining other political systems from a comparative perspective. The role of the individual in relation to the exercise of political power is examined with special attention to the role of coalition building.

Thus, students become aware of how to analyze and evaluate the ways in which individuals may make government more meaningful to themselves and to the masses of people comprising the bulk of the world's societies.

The Political Science major prepares students for graduate school, law school, numerous civil service occupations, and appointed positions with local, state, and national government. It also provides practical insights on how to seek elective office as a candidate or to serve as a campaign staff person.

The following courses are required for the Political Science major:

Social Science (12 Credits)

SOSC 304 Intro to Public Administration
SOSC 310 Intro to Basic Statistics
SOSC 407 Research Methods
SOSC 430 Social Science Applications 3
Political Science (15 Credits)

POSC 201 Introduction to Political Science
POSC 301 United States Government
POSC 302 State and Local Government
POSC 303 Comparative Government
POSC 402 Political Theory
Political Science Electives (15 Credits)

Advised Political Science Electives-Selection from:

POSC 300 American Political Economy
POSC 305 Women In Politics
POSC 400 Canadian-U.S. Relations
POSC 403 International Political Economy
POSC 404 International Relations
POSC 405 Politics and Parties in North America
POSC 406 Peoples and Politics of Southern Africa
POSC 407 Urban Civilization in North America
POSC 408 Peoples and Politics of Africa I
POSC 409 Peoples and Politics of Africa II
POSC 410 Peoples and Politics of Asia
POSC 420 Constitutional Law I
POSC 421 Constitutional Law II
POSC 450 Special Topics in Political Science

Political Science Major – TOTAL: 42


Political Science Major

Level I (First Year)
Fall Semester
*ENGL 101 English Composition  3
*MATH 125
Math for Liberal Arts  3
*»HIST 205 Program Elective  3
? General Elective  3
? General Elective  3
? General Elective  3
? General Elective  3
 Semester Total 15

 *  General Education Requirement
 **  University Graduation Requirement
 ¦  Major Course
  »  or any 2 part 200 level History
?  or any ENGL 200 level or above
 BIOL 101 or 107 or CHEM 101 or PHSC 101 or PHSC 103
×  PHIL 103 or PHIL 102
 or IDIS 103 or any Foreign Language or ART 105 or MUSC 201 or DANC 226 or THEA 211

 or any 3 credit Health course, or SPCH 202 or SPCH 204 or GEOG 102
 ?  General Elective - any University course
 ?  Program Elective - any non-required course within the discipline
 ?  Support Course
§  Management Science Elective

NOTE: Please consult a program advisor to discuss course options.