Program Information

Program Information

The Interdisciplinary studies program presents numerous opportunities for our students to design coherent cross disciplinary programs that will enhance their learning and career opportunities. Students are required to submit a goal statement which should explain the career goals when combining the two selected concentration/discipline areas.

Sample Student Goal Statements

Concentrations: Education and Psychology

I exclusively plan to utilize my academic training in Interdisciplinary Studies to increase my marketability in the field of child development, education, behavior modification and cognitive motivation. I plan to continue my long-term goal with interdisciplinary Studies as an anchor for a M.S. degree in Education Psychology or Curriculum and Instruction. This course of action will successfully lead me to my ultimate goal of managing my own tutoring, mentoring and motivational learning center.

Concentrations: Management Science and Communication

I am looking to work in higher education. I would love to work with students, faculty and staff. I think admissions would be a great place for me. I love to help other students and talk about how important it is to get an education. The IDS program will allow me to concentrate in communication, marketing (management science) and maybe even psychology. Combining these concentrations will prepare me for a job as an admissions counselor.

Concentrations: Natural Science and Management Science

I am interested in working in pharmaceutical sales. I would like to concentration in the natural science and management science field. I think the background in marketing and science will prepare to be a much more effective in this field.

Concentrations: Biology and Management Science

I love the health field and I want to be able to help and teach others. I have also been thinking about a management position and furthering my education. The IDS program gives me the flexibility to concentration in the natural science and management science field that will prepare me for graduate school and a possible management position in health or teaching position in the health field.

Concentrations: Special Education and Psychology

I will have the opportunity to become a counselor and work with children. I believe children still need support guidance and understanding as part of their everyday lives and I am looking forward to a future career as a youth counselor.

Concentrations: Social Work and Psychology

I am seeking admission to the IDS program so I can combine Social Work and Psychology as tools in the case management field. These two concentrations will assist me in being much more effective in helping others at work as well as in our society.

Concentrations: Education and Psychology

I am looking to further my education and move on to graduate school. I would like to get a M.S. Degree in Education. I decided on the IDS program because it allowed me to focus on Psychology and Education. I want to get a better understand of the mind set of our students which will ultimately enable me to assist students in the best way that I can.