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Additional Program Information

Additional Program Information

The Department of Humanities offers a major in English and minors in English, Journalism, and Philosophy, and Spanish.

General Education Requirements for the Major

In addition to ENGL 101 (English Composition I) and ENGL 102 (English Composition II) , all English majors must take WLIT 203 (World Literature I) and ENGL 208 (Critical Writing) to complete the English General Education Requirement.

The Bachelor of Arts Degree

Every candidate for the B.A. degree is required to complete the intermediate level courses of one foreign language. It is strongly recommended that students who wish to take the courses in a foreign language required for the B.A. degree begin their language work not later than the beginning of their sophomore year so that they may complete the requirement before graduation and have the opportunity to take advanced foreign language courses if they desire.

Advanced Placement and Sequence of Courses

Students may be granted advanced placement on the basis of previous academic work in foreign languages. Appropriate standing is granted for foreign language courses studied in high school. Except for those students who gain advanced placement, all students must begin their language coursework with the 101 course and continue sequentially through 102, 201, and 202. Students may not take for credit a foreign?language course at a lower level than a course in the same language for which they have already received college credit. Students who wish to take foreign languages are requested to consult with the appropriate foreign language faculty when registering for foreign language courses.

Standards For Retention in the English Major

  • Students must complete all major/minor/area of concentration courses with a grade of "C" or higher.
  • Students receiving two or more grades below "C" in major courses, including courses taken in other disciplines to satisfy English major requirements, in any one semester will not be retained as majors.
  • Majors must maintain a grade point average of 2.5 in major courses, including courses taken in other disciplines to satisfy English major requirements, to be retained as majors.