SMS FAQs | Coppin State University


What exactly is Blackboard Connect?

Blackboard Connect is a multi-modal communication service that permits the campus to schedule, send, and track personalized voice messages to up to six phone numbers per student and staff member, and immediately sends messages via four different modes of communication:

  1. Voice messages to home phones, work phones, and cell phones
  2. Text messages to cell phones, PDAs, networked digital signage, and other text-based devices
  3. E-mail messages to the Coppin e-mail account
  4. Messages to TTY/TDD receiving devices for the hearing impaired

Does Blackboard Connect share my information with anyone?

No. Blackboard Connect does not sell, lease, share, or rent personally identifiable information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) to any companies or persons outside of Blackboard Connect or their service providers.

I want to add or change my phone numbers. What should I do?

Log on to Eaglelinks (, and visit the self-service section. It takes approximately three business days after you update your information to be available for calling within Blackboard Connect system.

I received the message but I missed the information. What should I do?

While on the call, you can replay the message by pressing the star key (*) at any time.

I received the message but my answering machine cut it off. Why?

The system attempts to detect what type of response it is receiving on the other end of the line. In most cases, the system accurately detects an answering machine and the message plays correctly. In rare instances, the system incorrectly detects a live person and starts to deliver the message prior to the start of the recording. In other cases, the answering machine allows only a limited time for recording (often, one minute), thus cutting off the message prior to full delivery. Limiting message length to one minute will minimize the chances of messages not being delivered in full.

I received the message on my cell phone but it kept looping/repeating. Why?

The system does its best to detect whether it has reached a live person or an answering machine. Sometimes when there is ambient noise, the system detects an answering machine. When this happens, it waits for a brief moment of silence before starting to play the message. If the environment is noisy, the recipient can simply use the mute feature on his/her phone or move to a quieter location to prevent the message from looping or repeating.

I have Caller ID blocking. Will Coppin messages get through?

Yes. Because the Blackboard Connect system sends Coppin's calls through a university number; therefore, calls will not be blocked by the Caller ID blocking feature.

Will there be a way to positively identify incoming calls which are made by Coppin using the system?

The caller-ID number for calls generated by the Blackboard Connect service will be from the Coppin exchange (410-951-XXXX). In addition, every message will indicate it is a message from Coppin State University.

If I have provided more than one phone number, which number will be called?

Should an emergency situation arise that requires us to contact you at multiple phone numbers, we can activate the system to place a simultaneous call to all of your numbers. In most cases, we will be sending calls only to one phone number.