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Coppin State University professor, Dr. Elias L. Taylor, preparing for a class lecture using Tegrity.

Coppin's Tegrity Campus Adds New Meaning to "Power of the Pen"

By Henry Hurst

BALTIMORE 9/21/05 – With a new electronic note-taking program, Coppin has added new meaning to the term "the power of the pen."

The Tegrity Campus, a class recording and a digital note taking system, has revolutionized the lecture hall experience on Coppin’s campus. Coppin’s pioneering use of Tegrity Campus combines digital audio and video recording of the class lecture with electronic note-taking and computer usage. The software provides unlimited access at anytime to the recorded Coppin classroom experience. 

As a literal learning tool, the Tegrity pen uses camera technology on its tip. Tegrity digital pen allows students to digitally record handwritten notes taken during class and automatically synchronize it with the recorded lecture. The recorded lecture is automatically loaded to the university’s course management system. Later, the students can replay the entire lecture online while viewing their notes exactly as written in their notebooks, or they can select any notation to replay that part of the lecture. At the students’ convenience, he or she can access lectures that may have taken place weeks ago. A professor's notes will also become readily available on the web.

"Tegrity is an excellent resource for our faculty and students," said Dr. Sadie Gregory, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Coppin State University. "In addition to recording and achieving classroom lectures, Tegrity is a wonderful study tool that provides students with digital notes for later reference. I am also excited about the reporting and tracking features of Tegrity that provide the basis for assessing students’ learning."

Founded in 1995, Tegrity is a privately held company based in Santa Clara, California. Tegrity’s mission is to make the lives of college students less stressful by providing them with a backup through the concept of “e-learning.” The program is currently used by 25 faculty members in 50 courses, but by fall of 2006, the system will be used in almost every course on campus.

"Tegrity Campus will be use in every class by next semester," said Dr. Ahmed El-Haggan Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer for Coppin State University. "We believe that it will help our students tremendously. Our faculty has shown tremendous enthusiasm to implement Tegrity."

Through the five-year partnership, Dr. El-Haggan believes that this technology will not only improve retention and graduation rates, but also will save time, making study more effective and improve students’ academic achievement.

"There’s nothing like this in the world that can make getting an "A" that much easier," said Keyon Johnson, a Computer Science major.

"Most of our students have a lot of responsibilities," said Dr. El-Haggan. "Students have pressures that prevent them from making it to class, which plays a major part in high retention."

Dr. Habtu Braha, Professor of Economics and Chair of the Faculty Information Technology Committee, said, "There should be nothing more satisfying for a professor like me than the knowledge that his lecture and explanations on a subject can be accessed by the learner from anywhere, anytime in video or audio form until such time that the learner has fully digested the content. Tegrity helps faculty and students accomplish this with ease."

Dr. Emmanuel Anoruo is an Associate Professor of Management Science and Economics at Coppin.

"Tegrity instills confidence and enthusiasm in students as it enables them to review their lecture notes anywhere and anytime," said Dr. Anoruo.

Coppin was recently recognized for its technological efforts. In August, Coppin was selected by EDUCAUSE to receive the non-profit organization’s prestigious Award for Excellence in Networking: Innovation in Network Technology, Services, and Management. Coppin’s selection marks the first time a school in Maryland has received the award. Coppin is also the first HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) to be honored with the recognition. Coppin partnership with Nortel Networks Inc. and its implementation of Nortel’s award wining products enabled such national recognition.

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