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Coppin State University (CSU) manages a very popular and successful student laptop program. The initiative gives Coppin students access to technology and the internet anytime from anywhere on campus. CSU offers students grants to offset the cost of the computers. Currently, for no more than $280.00 per semester, students are able to participate in the program and use portable computers that are fully-loaded with the latest Microsoft software. At the conclusion of four semesters, the students take ownership of the computers by paying a nominal fee of $50.00. The fee per semester will be determined by the current cost of the computer, and the students can obtain full ownership by paying the $50.00 buyout fee after four semesters.

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According to employers and business leaders, computer literacy is the most sought after skill they look for in prospective employees. At Coppin, it is our goal to minimize the technological learning curve our students experience upon graduation. We feel the Coppin State University Portable Computer Program plays a major role in this endeavor. Our campus offers a quality mobile learning environment, with wired and wireless Internet connections located in every building, including each residence hall room. Several buildings on campus have "smart" classrooms, allowing students to tap into the vast educational resources on campus and on the World Wide Web. Off-campus or in the residence halls, the learning environment is enriched by the students ability to connect with professors, classmates, and the world via the Internet. We believe that participation in the program will enhance your academic development.

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Access to campus privileges are provisioned automatically upon hiring as a faculty or staff member or as students are matriculated and are based on the individuals role as faculty, staff, or student, as well as user role.

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