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Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy


Coppin State University Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) denotes a student’s successful completion of coursework toward a degree. The Higher Education Amendment Act of 1965, as amended, mandates institutions of higher education to establish a minimum standard of “Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)” for students receiving federal financial aid. Coppin State University makes its standard applicable to all federal, state, and institutional funds. The satisfactory academic progress applies to all terms regardless of whether financial aid was received. Satisfactory Academic Progress will be evaluated for all students (full or part-time) annually (at the end of each spring semester).

Satisfactory Academic Progress will be evaluated for all students at the end of each academic year (end of spring semester). Students who enroll at the mid-point (January) of an academic year or attend one semester only will also be evaluated at the end of the spring semester. Thereafter, these students will be evaluated at the end of the academic year unless on a financial aid appeal.

To ensure Satisfactory Academic Progress students must meet all of the following standards:

Qualitative (GPA)

Quantitative (%)

Maximum Time Frame (Credits Attempted)

Appeal for Satisfactory Academic Progress Here

Appeal for Maximum Time Frame Here

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Status

The aid recipient has maintained a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA for undergraduates and 3.0 GPA for graduates, has completed at least 67% of all attempted coursework and has not exceeded the150% maximum time-frame required to obtain their degree or certificate.

Financial aid recipients placed on suspension are not eligible for financial aid.

Students who reach or exceed the Maximum 150% Time-frame of their program will be placed on suspension.

Students that submit an Appeal Application that have their appeal approved are placed on One-Term Probation. Students must meet all SAP requirements while on probation to return to good standing. Should they fail to do so after the end of the probation period and/or violate the terms of their probation, they will be placed back on suspension and no longer eligible for financial aid or eligible to re-appeal.


Financial Aid Notification and Suspension Appeal Process

Students who are placed on financial aid warning and suspension will be notified via email and their myCSUstudent portal. Any student on suspension may appeal their status by completing a Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal. The Appeal MUST include the following:

  1. SAP Appeal Form:  The student must understand the terms and requirements of the Appeal.
  2. Personal Statement Explaining Circumstance – The TYPED statement must explain why you failed to make satisfactory academic progress and what has changed that will allow you to make academic progress for the next period of study.
  3. Supporting Documentation – The student must submit documentation to support the personal statement
  4. Academic and Success Strategies Plan – The student must complete an Academic Plan and Success Strategies Plan. The plan must outline coursework and academic services the student will utilize to ensure academic success.


Appeal Review and Decision

The Financial Aid Appeal will be reviewed and the student will be notified in writing via their My.CSU student portal ( of their appeal decision. APPEAL REVIEWS MAY TAKE UP TO TWO WEEKS BEFORE A DECISION IS RENDERED. Hence, students are encouraged to submit their appeal as early as possible should they wish to be reconsidered for aid prior to the start of their next semester of enrollment. Click the links below to see the next steps for each decision granted.

Appeals that are Approved

Appeals that are Denied

For additional information or questions about the CSU Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy please visit the Office of Financial Aid, 2500 W. North Ave., Baltimore, MD 21216