2020 Census 101 Overview | Coppin State University

2020 Census 101 Overview

  • Date: February 17th, 2020
  • Location: Health and Human Services Building 2601 West North Avenue Baltimore, MD 21216-3698
  • Time: 10:00 am
  • Cost: No cost

Join us for a presentation from Terry Fisher, Partnership Specialist at the Philadelphia Regional Census Center.

Census 2020 Presentation


Health and Human Services Building (HHSB)
Fourth Floor, Room 414

About the Presenter:

“Genuine Leader”

According to his colleagues, Terry Fisher is a natural born leader with the ability to galvanize others and bring them up higher.  He has dedicated his life to the elimination of both social and health disparities in underserved communities by spearheading public health initiatives, supporting policy development and managing programs that provide resources to marginalized people and communities.

As Partnership Specialist for the US Census Bureau, Terry has committed himself to educating Baltimore City residents on the importance of civic engagement and ensuring that everyone in Baltimore City is represented appropriately. Terry is also concentrating his efforts on hard to count communities that have a history of governmental distrust and non-English speaking residents. Prior to coming to the US Census Bureau, Terry acquired 14 years of experience in the areas of community relations, program management, project management, stakeholder relations, database management, qualitative and quantitative research coordination and community based participatory research. While serving as Director of Programs for the Baltimore Alliance for Healthcare (BACH), Terry provided leadership and program management services for several of Baltimore’s primary healthcare institutions. He also provided technical assistance and coordination for some of Baltimore’s leading community-based organizations. Terry worked directly with executive and middle level management to address healthcare programming and policy issues. He also has worked on major projects in the city of Baltimore that address issues like healthcare access and Opioid abuse.

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