Tech Tuesdays: PlayPosit Introductory Training

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Instructional Technology & IT Training Team


Repurpose, Reuse & Upcycle Video Content with PlayPosit!

Repurpose existing content for a new use in your course (e.g. broadcast it!), Reuse video content already created and Upcycle (modify and embellish) the resulting learning objects you’ve established to scale your impact and engage your learners.  New to PlayPosit? Watch this short video.

About PlayPosit

PlayPosit is the ultimate instructional design studio that offers content creators simplicity (templates, reusable learning objects, over a million premade learning objects) and power (jumps, website embeds, overlays, complex behavior, choice trees, discussion threads) to create an active learning experience by layering activities, websites, feedback, videos, questions, and more on top of video, audio and text. After deployed, PlayPosit boasts jaw-dropping learning analytics to improve instruction and student success.


  • What is PlayPosit & Why/when would you use it?
  • Be the Learner! Experience PlayPosit from your students’ perspective 
  • Build a bulb together
  • Supporting your learners
  • Resources  
  • Q&A
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Jada Cheek
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