Harvesting Hope for the Holidays: Join Us in Saving Lives


Talon Center, Room 218, 2500 W. North Ave.,
Baltimore, MD 21216

Harvesting Hope for the Holidays Join Us in Saving Lives

The urgent plea for blood donation remains a critical need, and your contribution can make a life-saving difference. With hospitals facing shortages that outpace donations, more than 100,000 individuals in the United States, particularly those affected by sickle cell disease, rely on routine blood transfusions for their well-being. Your willingness to give the gift of life can offer hope and relief to those in dire need, bridging the gap and ensuring that no one suffers unnecessarily.

Join the cause by donating blood today and be a part of a united effort to combat this national blood shortage. Let’s Harvest Hope for the Holidays.

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Dr. Yolanda Savoy
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