Coppin Chopped: The Coppin Experience


Talon Center, 1st Floor Cafeteria,
2500 W. North Avenue,
Baltimore, MD 21216

Coppin Chopped February 21, 2024. 12 to 2 p.m. Talon Café
Coppin Chopped - The Coppin Experience

Join us for Coppin Chopped - The Coppin Experience hosted by the African American History Committee, Thompson Hospitality, and Business Services.

Get ready for a culinary adventure like no other at this year’s Coppin Chopped competition! We’re thrilled to announce a twist to our beloved tradition that will challenge our six teams to cook, create, and curate based on their Coppin experience. If you are ready for the challenge gather three of your friends or coworkers and join the Coppin Experience.

Last years’ champions return to defend their title, challenging newcomers to step up and see if they have what it takes to claim the culinary crown.

For more information, contact: Dr. Yolanda Savoy at ysavoy@coppin.edu or Ludencia Allen at luallen@coppin.edu.

Quick Details

Duration: 2 hours

Location: Talon First Floor, Cafeteria

The Rundown: This professional-led cooking experience leads you through a competition filled with fun that culminates in a scrumptious culinary creation for each participant.

Register for Coppin Chopped

How it Works

Event Date: February 21, 2024

Time of Event: 12:00 pm -2:00 pm

  • Register to be a participant in the COPPIN CHOPPED - THE COPPIN EXPERIENCE
  • Registration will be held from December 1st to February 5th. Click Here to Register
  • You must have three (3) participants from your area (Chef, Su-Chef, Runner) to create a team. We are looking for team representatives from the following departments:
    • Alumni
    • Faculty
    • Staff (2023 Coppin Chopped Winners)
    • Student Residents
    • Student Commuters
    • Community
  • Each team will have a selection of food items at their table, and they’ll also have the option to visit a community table for additional ingredients. It is mandatory for all teams to incorporate most of the provided items into their culinary dish with special emphasis on utilizing the surprise mystery item-the more ingredients utilized, the stronger their culinary dish will be. Teams will not be made aware of the food items until the time of the competition.
  • Each team will receive an apron, that must be worn during the competition.
  • Each team will have 10 minutes to prep and discuss their dish. The team must be able to prepare a dish in 60 minutes.
  • Each team will be judged for: Presentation, Taste, and Use of Ingredients & Surprise Item
  • Each team will also be judge by the audience for Drool Factor
  • Each team should be prepared to plate their meal, discuss their dish and the relationship to the Coppin Experience.
  • This will be a live demonstration.
  • Prize: The Golden Spatula and your culinary creation will be featured and available for everyone to enjoy in Talon’s cafeteria.



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Dr. Yolanda Savoy
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