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Eagle Card FAQs

How to get an Eagle Card?

New students can obtain an Eagle Card during new student orientation or after he or she receives his or her validated bill during arena registration. All students faculty and staff may obtain an Eagle Card at the Talon Center 2nd floor room 202 Monday – Friday between the hours of 9 am – 5 pm. Proper identification is required such as a picture ID (drivers license, passport or state issued ID) for card issuance.

What is my Eagle Card ID number?

The Eagle Card ID number is the unique seven digit number located on the front of the Eagle Card which identifies all students, faculty, and staff.

What should I do if my Eagle Card is lost, damaged or stolen?

If your Eagle Card is lost, damaged or stolen, you must report the loss to the Eagle Card Services immediately at (410) 951-3570. Your old card will be deactivated and replaced by a new card.

How do I replace a lost, damaged or stolen Eagle Card?

To replace a lost, damaged or stolen Eagle Card, you must pay a $15.00 (commuter students) or $30.00 (residential students) replacement card fee to the Cashier's Office. Following payment, take your receipt to the Eagle Card Office (Talon Center 2nd floor) to receive a replacement Eagle Card.

How do I take transfer funds from the bookstore account to the declining balance account?

While the Eagle Card automated system is currently undergoing maintenance, you can contact Coppin State University Auxiliary Services at 410-951-3570 or eaglecard@coppin.edu.

Will declining balance funds transfer from semester to semester?

Yes, they will transfer from semester to semester until graduation or until you are not longer a Coppin State University student. Upon graduation students must request in writing a refund of all remaining declining balance funds. This should be addressed to eaglecard@coppin.edu or schase@coppin.edu.

How do I take care of my Eagle Card?

Treat your card as you would cash or any other valuable possession. Protect the magnetic stripe. It can be erased by some devices such as inventory control pads (found at many cash registers) or other strong magnetic devices. Do not iron or otherwise expose the card to excessive heat. Lanyards can be purchased for a nominal fee of $5.00 in the Eagle Card Office which will protect the card. Do not punch holes in the card for use with key chains or necklaces. Do not affix tape or stickers to the card because these materials could damage the card readers.