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Eagle Call Center

Eagle Call Center

Eagle Call CenterDuring the Fall semester, the Eagle Call Center’s student callers reach out to alumni, parents and friends to thank you for your support, to answer your questions about the University, to provide information about events relevant to you, and to encourage you to financially support the Coppin Annual Fund. Students witness firsthand what your donations can do, from faculty support and special academic programs to student scholarships and campus enhancements. When you answer a student's call you can hear for yourself how your financial support is affecting a current student's education and their future.

The Eagle Call Center's student callers are also eager to hear about the experiences of our alumni. We ask you not only to contribute to Coppin but to the conversation. Great connections are made through the Eagle Call Center!

Matching Matters!

Many companies have matching gift programs that can double, or even triple, your gift amount. Contact your HR department directly to find out if your company offers matching gifts.

Why have I not received a call?

You may have not received a call because the University does not have the correct contact information file. If you would like to receive a call from our student callers, please send an email to alumni@coppin.edu or call (410) 951-3800. We call December-April, Sunday through Thursday.

Want to be an Eagle Caller?

If you are a current student in good standing, have strong communication skills and a genuine desire to help Coppin grow--then we want you.

Applications are accepted September-October. Calling begins in November. Contact alumni@coppin.edu for details.