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School of Allied Health
Assistant Professor
Position 2
Director of Clinical Affairs
(410) 951-6145
Health and Human Services Building
1st Floor
Room 125E
Degree Type 1
Degree Discipline 1
Public Health Education and GIS (Geographic Information System)
Degree University 1
Southern Illinois University
Degree Type 2
Public Health Prevention and Managment
Morgan State University
Community Health Education
University of Arkansas
Alabama A&M University

Cataria Davis, PhD, MPH, MS, CHES is an assistant professor and director of clinical affairs in the School of Allied Health at Coppin State University.  She received her doctorate degree from Southern Illinois University where her major area of study was public health education and secondary studies in Geographic Information System with an emphasis in spatial epidemiology.  Her research focuses are using GIS to assess food safety and foodborne illness, occupational injuries of food workers, and using GIS to assess vulnerable opioid communities.  Dr. Davis works with several organizations conducting program evaluations and food safety assessments as part of public health practice in her discipline.  Dr. Davis also maintains several food safety related certifications, as well as CHES (certified health education specialist).  She serves in several leadership capacities, including serving as a board member for a non-profit organization in East Baltimore and serving as section councilor for the occupational health and safety section in the American Public Health Association. 

Program Planning
Program Evaluation
Needs Assessments
Food Safety Assessments
Occupational Hazard Assessment
Risk Assessments
GIS Mapping and Spatial Analysis
Professional Activities

BMore4Kidz (Board Member)

Professional Memberships

APHA (American Public Health Association)

GAIN (German Academic International Network)

SOPHE (Society of Public Health Educators)

NCHEC (National Commission for Health Education Credentialing )

ESG (Eta Sigma Gamma)


Rose, D. M., McDaniel, J., & Davis, C. (2018). Knowledge, attitudes, and the perception of health responsibility regarding the HPV Vaccine among students. Health Education Monograph Series, 35(1), 23-28. 

McDaniel, J., Diehr, A. J., Davis, C., Kil N., & Thomas, K. H. (2017). Breast cancer screening and outcomes: An ecological study of county-level female veteran population density and social vulnerability. Journal of Military, Veteran, and Family Health, 4(1), 51-59.

  • Using the Social Cognitive Theory and GIS to Plan Nutrition Education Programs for Opioid Users
  • Assessing Food Safety Readiness Among Older Adults in Rural Illinois
  • Using the Health Belief Model to Assess the Health Seeking Behaviors Associated with COVID-19 in Baltimore City 
  • Development of Maryland’s Social Vulnerability Opioid Index 
  • Spatial Analysis of Opioid Overdose Deaths in Illinois, 2013-2016  
  • Food Insecurity among the Southern 16 Counties in Illinois
  • Assessing the Effectiveness of Safety and Health Training Programs for Pre-Apprentices
  • Associations between social vulnerability, mammography, and breast cancer incidence and mortality: An epidemiological analysis of counties in the United States
  • Using GIS to Quantify the Rate of Diabetes in Southern Illinois
  • Assessing the Food Safety Knowledge and Attitudes of Students
  • July 2020 
  • Using the Health Belief Model to Assess the Health Seeking Behaviors Associated with COVID-19 in Baltimore City 
    • ($149, 000) 
    • Source: Maryland Department of Health


  • July 2019 
  • Maryland’s Social Vulnerability Opioid Index
    • ($227, 000)
    • Source: Maryland Department of Health