How to Apply to the Dance Program

How to Apply

Step 1: Apply to Coppin State University

To be admitted into the dance program, students must meet the admissions criteria of the university. You may apply to the Dance Program and the university at the same time, however you will not be admitted into the Dance Program until you have been accepted into Coppin.

Apply to Coppin Online

Step 2: Apply to the Dance Program

The applicant should complete the online Dance Program application. You may complete this application before or after you apply to Coppin. The application should be completed one week prior to the audition date you are planning to attend.

Dance Program Application

Step 3: Placement Audition

A movement placement audition is required of all incoming freshmen and transfer students interested in obtain a dance degree. The movement placement assessment examination provides appropriate information regarding the student's training level. Contact the dance director for more information.

Audition Dates & Information

Step 4: Letters of Recommendation

The applicant should submit two letters of recommendation and a personal statement summarizing their training and performance experience and/or interest in the dance field, and prepare a short piece of choreography.

Recommendations Information

Step 5: Dance Interview

Students must interview with the Director of Dance or the Director of the Coppin State University Dance Ensemble prior to admission into the Dance Program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the focus of the dance program?

Dance as culture is the primary focus of the program supported by a high level of technical training in ballet, modern, jazz and African-based dance forms. Dance technology is a new field that the program is exploring as a concentration in dance.

Do I need audition to get into the dance program?

Yes, you will need to attend a movement placement audition and prepare a short 2-3 minutes piece of choreography. Dance minors are not required to audition to register for classes.

Do I need to be accepted into the university prior to scheduling a meeting with the dance director?

You must be admitted into the college to register for classes however you may meet with the director to discuss your career goals and obtain information regarding the criteria for admission into the dance program at any time.

Is there required attire for the technique classes?

The instructor will supply you with information at the beginning of the semester concerning the required dance attire for the class.

What is the typical class size?

The dance studio can accommodate between 15-20 students in a movement class.

Are musicians used for dance technique classes?

Yes, a master drummer accompanies the African Dance and modern dance classes.

Is there a student dance company that I can perform with to hone my performance skills?

Yes, you may audition for the Coppin State University Dance Ensemble at the beginning of each semester. You must register for at least one technique class to receive consideration for registering for dance company.

What master classes have been offered in the program?

Visiting artists are commissioned each semester to teach master classes or choreography workshops.

What performance opportunities are offered to students?

Students perform each semester for the studio night performances and a spring dance concert. Other performance venues include: (1) Morgan State University Dance Scholarship Concert; The American College Dance Festival Adjudication Concert; The Black Colleges Gala Concert; and Maryland Council for Dance Gala Concert, to mention a few.

What choreographic opportunities are offered to students?

Students are encouraged to produce works for various college and community venues and audition a piece for the Student-Faculty Spring Dance Concert.

Who can participate in the various performing venues?

Both dance majors and minors who are members of the dance company may participate.

What professional dance organizations are associated with the program?

Coppin State University holds a membership with several regional and national dance education and dance performance organization including: (1) The American College Dance Festival; (2) Black College Dance Association; (3) Dance Baltimore, Inc; (4) Maryland Council for Dance; and (5) MAAPHERD, to mention a few.

Does the program offer teaching internships?

Yes, internships are offered through the Bravo! Dance Outreach Partnership Program, sponsored by Coppin State University Dance Program, which offers community classes for children and adults in creative ballet, ballet technique, modern dance, jazz and hip-hop and tap dance.

What summer classes are offered through the program?

Community classes are offered through the Coppin Institute for Intergenerational Arts Summer Dance and Musical Theater program.

What scholarships are available?

Scholarships are provided for exceptional students who apply through the college financial aid office.