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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice

Viewed as one of the fastest growing programs of the University, the Department offers both the B.S. and M.S. degrees in Criminal Justice and three certificate programs:

  • Forensic Investigation (Undergraduate)
  • Policing Strategies (Graduate)
  • Investigative Sciences (Graduate)

The Department is very student-centered and strongly geared toward inspiring and developing students to reach their fullest potential and to meaningfully contribute to social justice initiatives and the administration of justice. The theoretical underpinnings of criminal behavior, police decision-making processes, corrections and forensic investigation are the program’s primary foci. They are met through the development of critical thinking and research skills needed to analyze the myriad of issues facing the Criminal Justice system. 

We have a long tradition of quality teaching, advocacy and research and are proud of our faculty’s expertise in Criminal Justice research, terrorism, policing, law, corrections, juvenile delinquency, forensic investigation, social justice and crime prevention. In addition to teaching a variety of undergraduate courses, faculty members are involved in advising, research and publishing books and articles widely referenced by students, criminal justice professionals, and those involved in policymaking.

Criminal Justice majors are prepared for entry level, supervisory, investigative and research careers as well as promotion for persons currently working in the Criminal Justice field.  Some students go on to pursue employment in fields such as parole and probation, adult and juvenile corrections, crime scene investigation and police administration/strategies while others prepare for law school or pursue graduate and professional studies.