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Values and Standards of Excellence

Values and Standards of Excellence

Coppin State University students have a century of tradition to under gird their development. They are heirs to a rich legacy bequeathed to them by exemplary faculty, administrators, and staff. They agree to uphold the values and standards of excellence established by leaders of the past and cherished by those who followed. The value system and expectations of the Coppin State University family are based upon the philosophy of Fannie Jackson Coppin who embraced the concept of love for self, love for family, and love of community. These expectations embody an awareness of social consciousness, scholarship, honesty, truth, integrity, respect, sensitivity, friendliness, physical and mental health, and pride in Coppin State University.


Coppin students are participants in the social, political, and economical world in which they live. They are willing to give something of themselves for which they receive no compensation, they promote the greater good of and hold a deep respect for themselves, family, and community. Their recognition of the fundamental dignity and rights of all people leads them to be agents of change that affects positively the human condition.


Coppin students are honest. They resist any form of deceit or fraudulence; rather they seek truth; and maintain that they and their fellow students should not evade being forthright. In these ways, Coppin students exemplify integrity at all times.


Coppin students are emerging scholars. They do not permit themselves or their fellow students to engage in any form of intellectual mediocrity. They recognize the importance of knowledge and the power that comes through knowing; they are dedicated to intellectual pursuit and high academic standards; they acknowledge the importance of the research processes of data collection, analysis, and presentation in the exercise of scholarly endeavors. Coppin students acknowledge that highly developed skills in reading, writing, speaking, listening, mathematics and the sciences contribute to effective scholarship.


Coppin students command respect for themselves and give respect to others. Further, they show proper regard for college personnel and for the democratic traditions and laws which govern their behavior as citizens and members of the Coppin family. Coppin students strive to promote true cultural diversity and accept and value the difference of others, including but not limited to life style and physical challenges. They convey an atmosphere of friendliness by extending a warm and genuine feeling of welcome as they greet their fellow students, faculty, friends, and visitors of the University.


Coppin students are vitally concerned with the development and maintenance of sound personal, mental, and physical health. They realize that their physical beings are the temples of the mind and seek to strengthen their biological and physiological systems through proper nutrition, regular exercise, and appropriate intervention. Coppin students avoid controlled substances that can contribute to pathological dependency, irrational and uncontrollable behavior, physical deterioration, and even death.


Coppin Pride is: Thinking Coppin first
Coppin Pride is: Reflex blue and old gold
Coppin Pride is: Soaring with Eagles
Coppin Pride is: Growth and development of college spirit
Coppin Pride is: Belief in the institution and its direction
Coppin Pride is: Unshakeable love and support
Coppin Pride is: Belief in high expectations
Coppin Pride is: Belief in oneself
Coppin Pride is: Reaching out, reaching up, and reaching back
Coppin Pride is: ME!!