Community Dance Tuition


The Community Dance program offers affordable tuition. Scholarships are available. For more information, contact or 410-951-3379.

CSU Dance Performance Tracks (Grades 2-8)

Students interested in the performance track are required to complete a dance placement audition to participate in the performance track, which is geared towards students with experience and/or exceptional talent. Limited space available.

Each level (I, II, III) has specific requirements, which is based on the level of the student:

  • LEVEL I Tuition: Ballet and/or Modern or a Community class of their choice (African, jazz or hip hop)
  • LEVEL 2 Tuition: Ballet and Modern and a Community class of choice (African, jazz or hip hop)
  • LEVEL 3 tuition include: Ballet and Modern and two Community classes of choice (African, Ballet/Pointe, jazz, hip hop)

Class Schedule | Registration Information

Level Tuition 7 Installments
Level 1 (2 classes) $560.00 $80.00
Level 2 (3 classes) $980.00 $140.00
Level 3 (4 classes) $1540.00 $220.00

Note: Payments are divided into 7 "payable" installments for your convenience; however, these payments should not be considered "monthly payments". Students/Parents registered for the program are financially liable for the entire cost. No withdrawals are honored after December 1. You are liable for the full tuition after December 2, or any part thereof.

CSU BRAVO Community Classes (Grades Pre-K - 12)

The Bravo community dance program are for students who have an interest in exploring the various styles of movement. Students may select one class or more classes depending on their interest. Most classes are open level. No placement audition is required. Limited space available!

October - April
45 minutes $252 $36.00
1 hr. $336 $48.00
1.25 hrs. $420 $60.00
1.5 hrs. $504 $72.00
2hrs. $672 $96.00
2.5 hrs. $840 $120.00
3 hrs. $1008 $144.00
3.45 hrs. $1064 $152.00
4 hrs. $1232 $176.00
4.5 hrs. $1400 $200.00

Class Schedule | Registration Information

Payment Installments

Installments are due on the first Saturday of each month except your January payment is due on the first day classes begin after the winter semester break. Final tuition is due by April 15, 2018.

Balance Payoff

Parents may elect to pay off the balance at any time without penalty.


No refunds available except in the case of extreme documented emergencies.


Parents are responsible for an entire year of tuition unless a 30 day written notification to withdraw from class(es) is received prior to December 1. No withdrawals are honored after December 1. Students withdrawing or dropping a class will be responsible for payment through the withdrawal date completion, and all legal measures will be used for collected unpaid balances, and checks not cleared through your bank.

Late Fee

Student accounts are assessed a $10.00 late fee 7 days after the due date.

Inclement Weather

No credits or refunds is provided due to the closure of the university due to inclement weather or any other emergency affecting the school.

Registration Fee

Registration fee is non-refundable.

Returning Students $25.00
New Students $30.00
Immediate Family $40.00
Late Registration – Students starting classes after October 2nd will pay an additional $10.00 processing fee.

Payment Discount

Parents receive a discount if the entire 2017-18 tuition in full by September 10, 2017 based on the total number of classes.

1 class= $30.00
2 classes = $60.00
3 classes = $90.00
4 classes = $120.00
5 classes = $150.00

Returning Student Discount

Register prior to the first day of class to receive a $20.00 discount. Your first installment must be made at the time of registration to receive the discount.

Sibling Discount

1st child = full tuition

Additional siblings receive a discount based on the following info: (per sibling)
$15.00 off tuition for one class
$30.00 off tuition for two classes
$45.00 off tuition for three classes

Referral Program Discount

  • September Referral Program:
    Refer a new student during the month of September and receive a $25.00 credit towards your tuition.
  • October Referral Program:
    Refer a new student during the month of October to receive a $20.00 credit towards your tuition.
  • November Referral Program
    Refer a new student during the month of November to receive a $15.00 credit towards your tuition.

Note: New students must remain in the program for sixty days and account must be in good standing to receive the credit.

Costume Order

Students tuition must be current in order for costume order to be placed. If tuition is not current, you risk the chance of not having the costume in stock when your account become current. You may also incur an extra fees.