Community Dance Etiquette and Dress Code

Etiquette and Dress Code

Students must be dressed in proper dance attire (required uniform) with hair pulled back securely away from the face, remove under garments (except sports bra) and jewelry to participate in any and all dance classes, and workshops.

Please review the dance dress code for more information about hair, dance attire and shoes.

Students must also adhere to the recital picture and recital concert dance code to participate. Parents will receive additional information about 5 weeks prior to the actual date and time for the recital pictures.

Coppin School of Dance reserves the right to refuse service to any student who is NOT properly dressed for any event sponsored through the program- no exceptions!

Classroom Etiquette and Expectations:

Students are expected to arrive in time for their class with their dance attire.

Students should remain in the class for the duration of the class, early excuses should be discussed with the instructor.

Students arriving 10 minutes or more late for class are welcomed to "watch" the class.

Students should request permission to leave in and out of the dance studio or rehearsal stage.

The use of cell phones are prohibited during classes, rehearsal and performances.

Excessive talking during class and rehearsals is not allowed. Students should feel free to ask questions during class.

No chewing gum, food or drink except water is allowed in the dance studio, auditorium, and backstage during the rehearsals and/or recitals.

Interaction between teacher and student is highly encouraged. Parents are welcome to schedule an appointment with the instructor.

Parent should refrain from peering into the dance studio window while class and rehearsals are in session.

Disruptive students will be dismissed from the class and/or program (i.e. excessive talking, lack of maturity, playing, fighting, etc.)

Food and/or drink except water are allowed in the studio.

Street shoes are not allowed in the dance studio.

Students are expected to be polite and courteous at all times to teachers, classmates and parents.

Parent Conference:

  1. Parents are welcome to schedule a conference with their child's teacher or the director of the school at any time.
  2. Please email the school administrator at to schedule an appointment.
  3. We ask that you do not confront the instructors before or after classes with questions, but instead email the dance office.