Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where do I go to order academic regalia (cap, gown and hood)?

Contact the Bookstore at (410) 951-1223

Q. What color is the velvet on my hood?

  • BA - white
  • BS - gold/yellow
  • BS in liberal arts - gold/yellow
  • BSN - apricot
  • BSW - citron
  • MAT - white
  • MED - light blue
  • MS - gold/yellow
  • MS in nursing - apricot

Q. Will guest need tickets to attend?

Tickets are NOT required to attend commencement ceremonies. Guests do not need reserve seating. Seats are on a first-come basis.

Q. Will the commencement be webcasted?

The ceremony will be webcasted. The link is available at

Q. What time will the graduates have to arrive?

All members of the graduating class must arrive 90 minutes prior to the ceremony. Please do not bring large purses, book bags, backpacks, cameras, etc. There is no storage areas to house such items.

Q. Will my name be announced at the Commencement?

Yes, all names are announced.

Q. What time will Commencement conclude?

The average duration of Commencement is 2 (two) hours.

Q. Can I participate in a different ceremony other than the one for my college?

No, students must participate in the ceremony scheduled for their college.

Q. Is there a rehearsal?

No, there is no rehearsal for commencement.

Q. What do I wear?

Wear dark shoes and attire.

Q. If I walk in the ceremony, does that mean I graduated?

No, participation in a commencement ceremony does not imply or infer the awarding of a degree; a final degree audit must be completed before a degree is officially awarded.

Q. How do I find out about hotels and restaurants for my guest?

Check on for local hotels, restaurants and attractions.

Q. What if I have a question that is not listed above?

Please contact