A New Direction

A New Direction

Experience that is both relevant and real-worldWhen launching the newly established Coppin State University College of Business, we asked ourselves three questions:

  1. What do today's business students need?
  2. What do they want?
  3. And how can we deliver both in a powerful, engaging way?

The answer was clear:

  • relevant, real-world experience
  • cutting-edge curriculum
  • extraordinary faculty
  • exclusive, behind-the-scenes access to Baltimore's leading businesses
  • hands-on learning
  • innovative technology
  • daily interactions with seasoned professionals
  • and a seamless transition into the business world

We put all of this together and created a business program designed to give students an edge that will lead to more than just a job—it will lead to a career.

With a trailblazing online management degree program, we're broadening our reach. We've strengthened our celebrated entertainment management program. We're doing more than ever, and we want you onboard as we prepare for take-off. Join us.