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Dean WilliamsCoppin State University has a rich legacy of positioning learners to make maximum contributions to the national and world economies. The legacy began during the rapidly growing industrial age that emerged in the 19th century with an increasing demand for teachers who would educate those migrating to Baltimore seeking employment. The positive influence on the socio-economic trajectory of our students now extends to the current global, information-driven economy with its demand for innovation and entrepreneurial enterprise.

The CSU College of Business is well positioned because of our geographic location in an urban center with overwhelming transformational potential and our transgenerational experience preparing community members for a greater stake in this opportunity-oriented economic system. Having recently been awarded specialized accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and identified as one of the top 50 most innovative small business schools in the country by the Business Research Guide (2015), the quality and value of a CSU College of Business education is surpassed by none. As the most affordable four-year institutions in the University System of Maryland and with “value added” that exceeds much of our competition as determined by the Brookings Institute (2015), Coppin State University is setting a new pace in urban higher education. We also offer a 100% online degree program in management, the only program of its kind offered by an HBCU.

Our unique approach to wealth-building, entrepreneurship, and business education is helping to propel our students to limitless opportunities in the market. We hope that you enjoy learning about us and will allow us help you craft a brighter future.

The Center for Strategic Ingepreneurship (CSI)

The Center for Strategic Ingepreneurship (CSI) will serve as a university-based entity that will facilitate the development and dissemination of ingepreneurial knowledge and skills through research, teaching, and practice. Serving as the nucleus of ingepreneurial activities across the campus of Coppin State University, the center will increase the understanding of ingepreneurial activity in urban settings, while using the modified entrepreneurial concept as its framework.

A Case for a Diverse Ingepreneurial Ecosystem

Strategic "Ingepreneurship": Facilitating Urban Economic Growth and Socioeconomic Advancement

Ingepreneurial Ecosystem