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This scholarship information from external organizations is provided to all College of Health Professions admitted students as an additional resource to seek funding for their educational goals.

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CampusRN has $15,000 in Scholarships Available to Nursing & Allied Health Students.

Kaiser Scholarships for College Of Health Professions

The Lewis-Hall Merit Scholarship

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Workforce Shortage Student Assistance Grant Program

Hal and Jo Cohen Graduate Nursing Faculty Scholarship

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Kaiser Scholarships for College Of Health Professions

Kaiser CHP Scholars:

Scholarship - up to 36 Scholarships to students in Nursing, Health Information Management and Health Sciences will be awarded this fall 2016 and spring 2017 semesters. The total allocation is $1,250.00. A student will be eligible to reapply in the spring semester; however, the funding is based on need and meeting criteria.

A student will be selected after the completion of an application process. The application requires the completion of the Tuition Assistance Application form found in the STAR office, completion of a 300 word essay describing your personal goals to work with vulnerable and underserved populations and an unofficial transcript (competitive GPA). An applicant must provide a statement in the 300 word essay that he/she agrees to participate in leadership and/or service learning experiences. The essay must also contain a statement that the student agrees to work after graduation with vulnerable and underserved communities.

During the fall semester, a student will provide health care literature, health risk questionnaire and information about access to primary care providers to the target population (college students and individuals in the Coppin catchment area). A student will disseminate health information regarding HIV, hypertension, diabetes, stroke and chronic diseases working collaboratively with faculty members. The faculty lead is Ms. Lori Harvin.

The student must attend health information/wellness/disease management session(s) which will be held at Coppin.

Standardized Information from the American Heart Association and the Diabetes Association will be utilized for each education session.

The application packet including the Tuition Assistance Application, student's letter and unofficial transcript must be submitted to the Office of the Dean by no later than 4 pm on August 23rd, 2016.

Feel free to contact me (Dean, Dr. Tracey L. Murray) with any questions. I may be reached at

The Lewis-Hall Merit Scholarship:

Senior Students,

The applicant, who must be a Senior Nursing or Health Information Management Student, in the last two semesters of the program (must be a May 2017 planned graduate; cannot be a December graduate) will need to submit the Tuition Assistance Application form which is available in the STAR office. The student who is applying must write a letter addressed to the CHP Scholarship Committee applying for the Hall Merit Scholarship and he/she should include a 300-word essay along with an unofficial transcript. One (1) letter of recommendation must be included. The packet including the Tuition Assistance Application, student's letter, unofficial transcript and letter of recommendation must be submitted to the Office of the Dean by no later than 4 pm on August 23rd, 2016.

The applicant who is in the final two semesters of the program (Nursing or Health Information Management) shall be required to author a 300-word essay describing his/her professional objectives, why he/she is worthy of the award, and his/her commitment to ending stroke and/or suffering/harm strokes causes. The donors will be provided with copies of all essays submitted by applicants. The Dean of the College of Health Professions shall receive the recommendation from the CHP Scholarship Committee.

In addition, while in the program the applicant agrees to participate in the College of Health Professions Discipline-specific community based initiative Power to End Stroke by educating individuals about stroke prevention strategies. The applicant agrees to either work within a collaborative team with faculty, students and/or the American Heart Association community-based organization.