Philosophy and Mission

Philosophy and Mission


Based upon the concept that early learning experiences for young children play a significant role in the maturation of both the social-emotional and cognitive development of the young child, the children within James E. McDonald Child Development Center will emerge as consumers of knowledge with a full awareness of their individual internal curiosity and motivation for learning. The progression of all students will be cultivated within an environment that recognizes the importance of nurturing and fostering the fundamental principles that support unlimited scholastic and ethical practices to be sustained across the lifespan.

We are dedicated to respectfully ensuring that children of all abilities are fully included in all aspects of our program and are equally supported in their individual interest and constructive characteristics. The James E. McDonald Child Development Center has committed its efforts toward promoting the following progressive goals that include:

  • Providing developmentally appropriate and educational curriculum based programming.
  • School readiness skills to promote physical, cognitive, social and emotional competence as well as positive attitudes toward learning.
  • Instruction that adheres to and supports the multiple understandings of each individual learner.
  • Diverse learning experiences that incorporate a Universal Design for Learning (UDL).
  • Culturally responsiveness and mindful consciousness of the multifaceted society which young children are actively a part of.
  • Acquiring practical knowledge through interactive learning experiences that foster creative and imaginative development.


To provide high quality child care and comprehensive learning experiences for children of all abilities, ages 2 to 11 years. Services are envisioned to support the child care and educational needs of Coppin State University students, faculty, staff and community members. The child development Center also functions as a campus based resource for field and practical experience for students within the school of education who major in the Human Development Track and for students to gain practicum experience.