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Counseling Services

Counseling Services

The Center for Counseling and Student Development (CCSD) provides free and confidential counseling services to currently enrolled CSU students. To schedule an appointment, call 410-951-3939 or stop by the center during regular office hours. Walk-ins are also accepted.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling helps you to actively examine your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in order to make changes to improve your quality of life and the quality of your relationships with others.

Individual counseling may help if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Concerns about relationships
  • Problems with school or studying
  • Questions about your future
  • Questions about your sexuality
  • Wanting to improve your family relationships
  • Wanting to be more assertive or improve your self-confidence
  • Eating too much or too little
  • Consuming alcohol or other drugs more than you’d like
  • Difficulty balancing all the demands of college
  • Thinking about ending your life
  • Grieving over the death of someone close to you
  • Concerned about someone close to you
  • Carrying a secret that you’ve never told anyone, but wish you could share

Group Counseling

During the fall and spring semesters counseling groups are offered for students affected by family substance abuse; grief due to the death of a loved one; family transitions; gay, lesbian, or bisexual orientation; disordered eating; body image; and interpersonal relationship issues. Groups tailored to specific objectives such as stress management, self-esteem, or anger management are also offered.

In a group, you can:

  • Learn more about how you are perceived by others
  • Experience a sense of acceptance and belonging
  • Discover that you are not alone in the difficulties you are experiencing
  • Benefit from the experience of helping others
  • Learn to constructively express your feelings and ideas to others

If you would like more information or would like to speak with a CCSD staff member about possibly joining a group, call 410-951-3939.

Off-Campus Referrals

Counseling services offered by the CCSD are intended to provide help to students whose problems can be addressed over a short-term period. When a student needs or requests services that are beyond the scope of those the CCSD can reasonably provide they are referred to local mental health treatment providers.

During the intake appointment and initial evaluation period, the assigned counselor, often in consultation with other CCSD staff, will determine whether an off-campus referral is indicated, and identify the most appropriate treatment providers. Off-campus referrals are also made when a student’s use of services begin to exceed the centers brief counseling framework.