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Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean

Dear Student:

Congratulations and a warm welcome to Coppin State University! I'm delighted that you have been offered admission to Coppin State University. I'm aware that uncertainty about the fall semester is a source of anxiety or frustration for some students, as well as our faculty. Our goal is to return to campus, and our current planning aims to make this possible in ways that are safe for you and consistent with public health requirements. I'm personally looking forward to welcoming you to our campus, and even more so to the College of Arts & Sciences and Education (CASE). As an undergraduate student who will pursue one of the 13 majors offered under CASE, you are a vital part of the Coppin State University. In fact, undergraduate students are more than 80% of Coppin's student enrollment.

To help you succeed in the journey through your selected degree program, you'll find an array of incomparable resources that complement what your department or program offers, including our state-of-the-art science laboratories, computer facilities, and studios. I encourage you to explore the full range of educational opportunities offered through CASE: participate in colloquia, workshops, attend lectures, take courses from many departments across campus, seek out faculty with diverse interests, and talk with people from other disciplines and parts of the world.

The department that offers your degree program collaborates with other departments in CASE, as well as with those in the other colleges that are a part of Coppin so that you can make the most of all that our University has to offer. With all of the support services available, including tutoring and other forms of supplemental Instruction, we have put in place various assurances that will propel any of our students to success. Even so, success depends on how well you take responsibility for your education, including taking the initiative to achieve academic excellence. Together, even amid COVID-19, we are committed to creating an environment in which you'll grow and thrive forward toward attaining your degree. The University is monitoring and responding to the rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other agencies. It is very likely that a majority of our course offerings in Fall 2020 will be blended where some courses will be offered face-to-face on campus, with a majority being online and remotely. For all that has changed since mid-March, you'll find that we still have fantastic, approachable faculty. I hope that you'll take the time when the opportunity presents itself, to visit them during their office hours, and seek out opportunities to chart out this journey through your program at Coppin State University.

Once again, congratulations, and I look forward to welcoming you again when you arrive at our beautiful campus! I wish all of you a terrific blended semester and a happy, healthy, and successful Fall 2020. Go Eagle!


James P. Takona, PhD