Online Career Exploratory Program

What is SIGI3?

System of Interactive Guidance and Information 3 or SIGI 3

This is a self-directed online career exploration program that allows students to conduct an assessment of their work-related values, interests and skills. SIGI 3 will then use this information to generate a list of career options. You may use SIGI 3 to research those career options to assist you in choosing a major or an occupation. You can obtain up to date information such as educational requirements, descriptions of work activities and salary ranges on hundreds of occupations. SIGI 3 is available to all CSU students 24 hours per day on our website.

The staff in the Career Services Center recommends that you meet with a career counselor for an interpretation of your SIGI 3 report and to explore other resources that can assist you in making informed career decisions. Contact the Center to schedule an appointment.

Directions for Accessing SIGI 3

Log onto SIGI 3 using your CSU student ID number. Create a password that is easy to remember. SIGI saves your work and you can return to the program at any time. At minimum, complete the values, interests and activities sections, research your career options. Print out your results and schedule an appointment to meet with a career counselor to discuss your results.

Follow the instructions below to access SIGI3

  • Click on SIGI3 link
  • When prompted enter your valid Student CSU ID and Password

SIGI3 Login